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A Review of Tiger Paws Xpo Employee Portal Com

Description: The article below shows us something about tiger paws employee portal which is what people always dream about to have access to the internet and a browser.

If you’d like your employees to have remote access to update their work in tiger paw. Tiger paws employee portal is what you’re dreaming about as long as your employees have access to the internet and a browser, they may log in to update their quotes, their sales opportunities, manage their service, tickets and complete the service ticket detail, capture the customers signature.

Before they leave their site, let’s take a look at the portal. Since I log into quotes in service, I have access to all the quotes and opportunities that I’m working on the sales side of the house. I also have access to all the service ticketing that I’m assigned on the service side, now I could log into quotes or service if I choose.

But in this case, I log into both, so this gives me some metrics here. There’s all the active items, there are the quotes I’m working a number of service owners, all of my workflows, my tasks and my opportunities. Now I can click into one of these, any one of these datasets to take me right into that information. Here’s my aged service orders, as I scroll down, I also have my personal metrics, my overdue tasks pending, workflows, my open tasks.

There are my open service owners, these are hyperlinks, this takes me to a list of all my orders that are open. I have the ability to enter time, I can print the order. I can also email the hyperlinks that will take me to the order itself to the account, and to this contact record. If we go into the order, there’s the brief description who are working with.

There’s my work performed work requested, here are the series of tabs similar to what you see. When you log in to the desktop, I can see the text assigned, I’ll task all time log entries. I can make time entries, I can add expenses to the service order, I can view an add notes, I can see what parts have been assigned to the ticket. I can add parts from the price list, I can add items being serviced on this order.

I have access to Bill to ship to information related documents, which might be linked to this order. I can assign profiles. here’s the totals tab, there’s the analysis tab and they can also capture customer signature, or I leave their site. So this makes it very simple and very easy for me to update the ticket remotely, as if I was in the desktop in the office.

But now I’m remotely logged in, I can update the ticket complete the ticket and capture the customer signature. Now on the sales side of the house, I also have the option from here to manage my sales opportunities, my quotes, as I do the service orders. So we can take a look at all the details for us, there are my open quotes I have. There’s a hyperlink taking me to all the quotes, there are all the quotes that I’m working.

If I’d like to go into a quote, that hyperlink takes me into the detail. Here I can add items to the quote, I have access to the totals, there are the totals page show me what we’re quoting, billing, shipping information, any linked documents I can add comments from the managers tab. I can see how we’re doing in this quote.

I can also capture the customer signature as an approval of the quote same way, we do in the service order. You enter their name at the top capture, their signature down here below. So this works equally well for the sales representative to update their sales opportunities, manage their quotes as it does the technician to manage the service tickets.

You can generate new customers out here, see if your want to add an account. I can create service owners, I can generate new quote sales opportunities and enter tasks. I have filter options, here is a list of orders and things that I can see in a filtered option. So there’s a filtered list of service orders, so I can see orders.

I can see closed orders from my quotes, I can view my calendar. I’ve got all my sales opportunities, I can see any projects that I’m working and where those projects are. I can update the service orders on those projects, I’ve got access to the knowledge base, so I can do anything I need to do across this portal, whether it’s sales related, managing my customers, my tasks, my appointments, all my opportunities in quotes, or whether it’s related to serve, need to update.

I can add service owners, put detailing the service learners to complete him and capture signatures. So the portal gives your representatives, whether they happen to be sales related or whether they are service related to be able to remotely come in and update their sales side of the house with their opportunities, and quotes and your service professionals come in and update their service tickets all across this interface.

So target pause, employee portal allows your employees remote access to the database to be able to manage their quotes and their sales process all other sales opportunities accounts and contacts and their calendar for your service technicians to update and complete service orders and to capture customer signatures on quotes, and service orders upon completion.

For more information on Tiger paws employee portal, visit our website at tiger paw software. com, or if you’d like to speak with the tiger paw representative, email us at sales at tiger paw software. com, or dial our 800 number at 7:04 nine zero zero nine.

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