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A Review of Xpo Employee Portal Com

Description: The article wants to show us about xpo employee portal which is part of Serena de force for people to login to access items, making online time off requests as well as changing your badge number.

As part of Serena de force, each of you will have an employee module that you will be able to login to access items, making online time off requests, as well as changing your badge number. As time goes on, there will be the ability to do things like roll benefits.

On this portal, when the functionality increases of certainly, we will be releasing other training opportunities. But today I would like to show you how you convey your time card and how you can make a time off request and how you can change your batch number. So your username will be your first name dot your last name, your password will be an automatic password set up for you.

For your first time to log in, you will be required to change this password, please make sure that you assign a password that you will easily remember, this password can be reset by HR. But something that other employees or team members would not know simply by designating a house, where there needs to be more than four characters less than ten.

And click on change password, and you will get a notification that your password has been changed. At this point, the password that it was initially assigned to you will no longer be active and the new password that you have selected will be your password to access your employee module.

So as you enter the module or the portal, see that you have a number of tabs at the top of the left-hand corner of the screen. This is opening to the time sheet and you can see your title, your ends, your outs as you hover on the blue arrows. It will show you if you have transferred to another location and the time that was done on these coffee cups, indicate meals.

These days are short because they were done for demonstration purposes. But this does give you an idea what time sheet would look like, if you are interested in looking at previous weeks, you simply click on the green arrows at the upper left hand corner of the screen, you can either go back in time or you can go for it in time.

Next week would be blank, that time has not occurred yet, but this does give you the opportunity to make sure that you have clocked in, clocked out accurately that you have no missed punches. The time clock does have the capability of letting know if you forgot to clock out the night before, it will let you know that simply use the missed punch log, thus your manager can make the appropriate adjustments.

You can also check your accrual balances by simply clicking on the balance icon, which is a scale. The icon is a little bit small, but it’s a scale, 10 members would seem verification and it’s a coal. This particular employee has been set up for demonstration purposes and only has vacation hours available. Simply click on punches and this will show you the audit trail of your punch log, the calendar is set up to show holiday days off.

The 18th was a holiday day, highlighted in purple and to the right of the screen, you can see my time way. At this point, particular employee has an approved time off request as indicated by the green check mark. And the date that time has been requested is also indicated here.

If you were interested in requesting a min a day off, simply select the reason you are taking the time, whether the bereavement folding holiday holder, a jury duty sick or vacation. Once you click on a reason or the type of time, you are taking off, it will show you how much time you have accrued, how much time you have used on your pending requests and any remaining require time that you would have available for requesting time off.

This employee has been set up as a modified full time employee, as far as a full day is concerned. It is automatically calculating to be six point four hours, so if you are interested in taking a day off, that is the automatic time that would be calculated for that particular day. We’re going to assume you want to take February 28th or request the 28th off, we’re taking this because we need a break.

If you would like to write a comment to your manager, feel free in the employee comment section and simply click on save in the lower right hand corner. Once your request is completed, now that demonstrated how to take a full day off. If you’re interested in, take an hour or two or just less than a full day, simply click on new again, select the type of time you’re taking.

Right here is a box, in which you either select all day or if you select this. It will give you the option to designate an amount of time on the date that you are requesting time off again. Simply select the date that you’re interested in, taking the time you can do a couple of things as far as adjusting time. You can either simply type the time in the system or you can toggle if you hover over the clock to the right hand side of the time, two hours will come up.

If you click on the left-hand arrow or will decrease the time by 50 minutes, and if you click on the right-hand arrow, it will increase the time by 15 minutes again. You can make an employee comment if you wish to do so on this date, employee wishes to come in a couple of hours late simply click on save.

And on your time away screen, you will see that you have one approved request into pending. When they are pending, it’s indicated by the yellow button. And once this is approved, by the manager these icons will change another thing you can do while in your employee portal is actually to look at your time’s pay statements.

There is nothing, there are not any earning statements in this particular employees portal, they have not been paid yet, but simply select the date that you are interested in looking at and click on earnings and your earning statements would be available to you. The last function is a demi function, there’s a view to see your address.

Once the information is input, your primary, emergency contact information, your balance information as far as vacation is concerned and attendance information, you can reset your password here, by clicking on user preferences putting in your current password entering a new password and confirming that new password.

After that information with the input, simply click on save and your password will be changed. This is also the location, you will need to go to reset your PIN number for the time clock again, you would click on user preferences and increment select user preferences and put your password that you currently have assigned to this portal, inputs the new pin number that you wish to use and remember to click on save in the upper left hand corner.

From this poin, forward that four-digit number is the pin number that you will use when clocking in and out using the time clock. And here is the ability to update your emergency contact information, you can also add an email address by clicking below on new simply adding the email address, and you can also change your phone number again.

After you make any change, please click on save so that those changes are saved, so do a quick recap in the employee module, you can look at your time sheets, you can look at your time away requests and your calendar and look at earning statements. And there are some changes that you can make in the system, the functionality will increase.

And as that does increase, we will be releasing other modules to demonstrate the full functionality within the system. If you have any questions on this module, please ask your supervisor or contact human resources directly.

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