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XPO Employee Portal for SharePoint Online and Office 365 and SP Employee Self-Service Com

Description: The article shows us some information about XPO Employee Portal for SharePoint Online, and some details about Marketplace business solutions that can run in the cloud on SharePoint.

Empower your employees with SP employee self-service from SharePoint Marketplace business solutions that can run in the cloud on SharePoint or on-premise. Let’s look at a typical organization from the employee perspective, if they have a question say an HR policy question or an IT question or facilities question, they often have to call the department or chase people down or send emails.

If they need to request a service, they may need to email the department like IT Help Desk or login to different help desks for different departments, because each one of them is running a different system. If they have to submit a form, they have to find it, they have to wonder if they have the latest version, email it and wonder if it has ever got processed.

If they have a policy question or a process question, how do they get that answered, how many sign-ons, do they have to keep track of when they’re dealing with multiple departments from the employee perspective? All of this looks like chaos, and takes their time when they’re trying to do their job.

What if there was a better way with the advent of SharePoint, and office 365? There is a better way you can create a single portal for employees to come in and access different services, information and knowledge as well as make service request to different departments.

This is enabled with SharePoint, through SP business suite, this will look at the employee self-service area of SP Business Suite. SP Business Suite is a suite of applications that provides a set of services to your employees to automate core business, processes employees can enter through an intranet portal and access different services and access different departments with department portals.

We’re going to take a look at the employee self-service area of the SP Business Suite. Employee self-service portal is part of our employee self-service module, which comes with the intranet, this is where employees can go in and view the employee directory, but also get access to things like accessing rooms and resources time sheets, asking for time off putting in expense reports purchase requests, and even a help desk type of request to other departments, such as HR and IT.

They can also see the status of their existing request that they’ve already put in, and they will also be able to do things like reserve rooms as well. And they can see different rooms available, where they’re at and access a room calendar to see what’s available and to reserve a room as well as any resources, such as audio-visual or other types of equipment the employee services area, though is not limited to self-service for employees.

There are management services where managers can go in, all of my department reports which shows me all time sheets for my department time off request expenses. And I can go in and approve those, we can also see executive reports.

Another very important part is the employee on-boarding and off-boarding, this is where you can go on and manage all employee hires and terminations and have a standard set of tasks that you use to deploy employees. For instance, here’s a set of on-board tasks that you can use and these create tasks for all different departments involved and allow you to track the progress, and make sure a consistent process is followed when bringing on employees as well as terminate employees.

The company administration section allows you to set up different things like pay periods for tracking timesheets, edit the rooms and resources, take a look at all purchase requests and set up other information.

Overall, the internet portal package, which consists of the internet portal and the employee self-service allows you to provide your employees with not only news and information that you see in many intranets, but also the functional applications and features that will allow your employees to be more productive every day in their jobs.

So while this was just an overview of the application, you can find more information on our site at SP marketplace dot-com. There you’ll find screen shots feature details, other videos and white papers, visit SP marketplace dot-com to learn how your organization can transform itself with collaborative productivity delivered by SharePoint.

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