Equifax Trusted ID Site Crashes Fake Sites Go Up

Description: In the article which centers on equifax login, the author talks about Equifax’s credit monitoring site. The bad news keeps coming for people trying to get credit monitoring after the massive Equifax data breach. The site you are supposed to use to sign up for credit monitoring has been crashed.

Thousands of people are having trouble getting through to Equifax’s website to sign up for protection, consumer reporter John Matarese says that scammers are now setting up phony sites to draw you in, but first where is the excitement over Apple’s iPhone 8?

I don’t know normally when a new iPhone goes on sale, the buzz builds for weeks, people line up outside the Apple Store all night, so far that’s not happening this time, the iPhone 8 which is an updated iPhone 7 goes on sale tomorrow at 6 a.m. but there’s little excitement nationwide.

That’s because true Apple fans are waiting for the groundbreaking iPhone 10 that doesn’t launch until the beginning of November, Apple’s new operating system iOS 11 is now out, I reported on it last night but thousands of people who have downloaded it say it’s already draining their battery faster.

Apple blames the battery drain in many cases on the phones Wi-Fi and Bluetooth being left on, even though you are not using it, it turns out that the phone’s brand new control panel has easy to find Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons, it does not turn off those features, you still need to go into settings and manually turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not using it.

There is worse news tonight for bill trying to get credit monitoring after the massive Equifax data breach, the site you’re supposed to use has been crashing, scammers are already taking advantage of that, trying to sign up for Equifax is free credit monitoring through its trusted ID program.

This is what you got on Thursday as the system crashed under the weight of millions of inquiries, I’m not very happy about it, first thing I did went online, I found out that it was hacked, Kenny Burke was among a group of churchgoers here at Finney town’s Northminster Presbyterian Church who had no luck in setting up Equifax credit monitoring.

Rich reader got halfway into the signup, but at that point it says watch for an email, we’ve never gotten that email back, they are frustrated in their attempt to get through to Equifax, a lot of people have been using Google trying to find another way in.

That leads to a problem where you can stumble upon a fake Equifax website, the domain name consolidator pastebin says that people have registered hundreds of misspelled variations of Equifax such as Equifact, even Equifax accidentally tweeted a link to one of the fake websites sending them to security Equifax 2017 instead of Equifax security 2017.

As we’ve been warning for a week, the best way to protect yourself is with a security freeze at all three agencies Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, you can google for them, make sure you spell their names correctly, on WCPO.com and on my John Matarese Facebook page, I’ve posted two in-depth stories on this week’s two big consumer issues.

One is about the pros and cons of upgrading to Apple’s new iOS 11 update, the other story is about what to do if you can’t get through to Equifax’s credit monitoring site, check out those stories on WCPO.com and Facebook, you don’t waste your money.

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