Welcome to the Equifax Shared Services Center

Description: The following passage is talking about equifax login. Equifax invested $4.5 million in the new building, which is approximately 4400 square meters. Equifax currently runs a shared services center in Costa Rica that provides information technology, data processing and customer support.

My name is Daniela. I work here in the church service center and a perfecto Sarika. Equifax Costa Rica Surgery Center is located in one of the main provinces at 15 minutes from the International Airport, the center hole capacity for nine hundred and fifty people comfortably set in a single ship because Rican church service center supports all major business units such as USIS, workforce solutions, international and the global consumer solutions formerly known as PSOL.

Thirty million transactions per year are processed at the shared service center which translates to fifteen million dollars, in addition to the business unit the sellers also provide support to global ID with more than 70 people in the area.

They support applications such as workday, SIEBEL, Salesforce, Oracle 12-hour US is Apple Canada, I’m an infiltrator, Americana managers are doing that every part of last year, we have about seven sectors, we have application developer, especially the quality is good, managers support special area colleges.

Equifax Shared Services Center is fully compliant with corporate security system and information security standards, in addition, it is also fully compliant with Equinox Fitness continuity program, let us tell you a brief summary of our story.

In 1995 the company was named verity offering particular treatment, in 2000 the company was acquired in the US by Equifax, the deal was completed by Dann Adams, current president of global consumer solutions, 2010 was a great year to remember, Equifax decided to invest around two million dollars with the Costa Rica new facility.

This center is officially recognized as a shared service center, nowadays outside of Atlanta, Equifax Costa Rica Shared Services Center has the second largest concentration of security resources, in 2015 Finance and Accounting work moved to this church service center.

In July this same year equipex corporation also decided to invest four million dollars in the new facility and renovation of the current venue, 2016 started as a great year, Affordable Care Act support was delivered from Costa Rica.

One hundred people were hired for that seasonal project alone, discharged service centers also started supporting a gazillion projects in Latin, the center runs between twelve to sixteen events every year, the results are more than obvious.

For the last three years the center generated more than a half million dollars in savings, there is another very strong area of the center in the training department with 13 people working on this area, this training documentation and transition expertise has been proven and tested during recent transition.

The growth of our people is one of our major foundations, Skellington campaign for DDS whole Center is a good example of development and promotion, I started working in January 2015 at the DVS of line agents, it is eight months after I was promoted to the call center department giving support to our members in education.

Equifax Shared Services Center provides the tools, the technology and the people, we should be committed, passionate and eager to learn and exceed in their day-to-day work, the shared service center is one single location to make things better.

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