What is the Equifax Credit Sweep?

Description: In this article about equifax login, the author is going to show you how to clear your equifax credit report quickly. You’re able to dispute an unlimited amount of accounts on your report at once. You can do it yourself for 20 bucks, then you can also do it for others for free.

This passage is very short, it’s a technique that is used to clear your equifax credit report fairly quickly, when I say fairly quickly, I mean it may be sixty to ninety days, we call it the equifax credit sweep because you’re able to dispute an unlimited amount of accounts on your report at once.

Unlike traditional disputes, you don’t have to stick to ten disputes, you can dispute as much as you want, you can choose many accounts as you want at one time, it’s named equifax credit sweep, it’s only good for Equifax but it works.

You might have to use it two or three times, but it works very well, if you are in the southern areas, Atlanta, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, if you’re in the southern states, using the equifax credit sweep is going to be good for you because they run the south.

If you need a car locally, if you need an apartment, if you need credit locally for furniture and utilities, they’re going to pull Equifax, if you’re in those states, the equifax credit sweep is a necessity, get it, if you’re in a position where you’re buying a home and you want to move as fast as possible in terms of deletions, you have to have all three credit bureaus straight, get the equifax credit sweep.

It’s 20 bucks, get it, use it, get that first credit bureau out the way, people want these things to happen overnight, but nothing’s going to happen overnight, good things take time, when I say equifax credit sweep on me, everything’s going to be gone in 30 days.

You might have to run this sweep two more times, that’s fine, the time is going to pass, get to work, how does this work? What is this method? Obviously I’m not going to reveal the method but what I will tell you is this, the way it works is that the credit bureaus need three very important pieces of information to identify it, you write to positively identify it.

They need your name, they need your social, they need your address, if you take one of those things out of the equation, it’s going to be hard for these computers to verify this account , it belongs to you therefore it drops off, there is one of the things that we do with the equifax credit sweep.

We show you how to delete all these old addresses because once those old addresses are deleted, you only have one address on your report, it’s going to make it much easier to have items deleted when you dispute, how do you dispute them?

I am not going to tell you, that is a very secret method, in the guide that tells you exactly how to delete or dispute these items, once those addresses are deleted, if you want to find out the method, purchase the book, go to creditfixguy.com backslash sweep, it doesn’t matter, I’ll have the link in the bio, click the link.

The book might not be available unless I am making these books available, you need to be a client or a customer in order to purchase my books because I’ve had problems with people who would purchase my books, I give them away for free, I find that on the black market people sell it.

I did not invent the method but I took the time to write the guide, this is the exact same technique that credit repair companies charge you about 300 bucks, they are charging 300 bucks to do something that you could literally do yourself in five minutes.

Knowledge is power, you can get rich off other people’s unwillingness to learn, other people are ignorant, when I say ignorance, I don’t mean it in a negative way, they are legit, they do not know any better, let’s not be ignorant, let’s be educated.

Why pay somebody 300 bucks when you could do it yourself for 20 bucks, you can also do it for this person, that person for free, let’s focus, you can get equifax credit sweep at credit fix guy.com backslash sweep, thank you for reading.

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