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Description: The following article mainly has the topic about equifax login. Equifax describes its Workday implementation, providing lessons for others. When it comes to information on its own workforce, Equifax is hobbled by a legacy system that makes it difficult to access the data the company needs to inform its business decisions.

It’s Dennis here at workday rising, we’re not stuck in my Scottie, we’re in our little earner, it’s tight, it is a little hotel for the western, it is nice, I’m here with Michael Bause, he is VP technology from a very traditional company called Equifax, everybody’s heard of it.

We are traditionally known as one of the credit bureaus but we’re big in the data and in science delivering, analysis for our customers helps drive business insights and business decisions, you were saying before that for many years you’ve had a very traditional and old system, you needed to make a change.

We needed to make a change, we grew through acquisition globally, we never have been effective at engaging our employees globally the right way, a lot of the processes were manual and tactical, we’re going on inside HR. We need to get our HR partners out of the business of pushing paper around helping our leaders sit at the table, everybody wants making decisions, we want a platform that could help us achieve that in a relatively quick way.

You went through a fairly straightforward RFI process and work, they popped up out of nowhere, what was the decision? What happened? I would tell you that it was the HR leadership team, all the leaders that were involved in our selection process liked the interface, they liked the intuitive design of workday.

They liked the fact that the deployment of functionality was being pushed to customers instead of customers having to pull data out of the store, before I found out the system, we liked the roadmap that worked a hand for the function they were delivering.

We talked to a lot of customers, they didn’t want to do diligence, they thought that it was the right product at the right time for us, to ensure that we were engaging our boys the right way, they make a lot of promises, you get into delivery, it’s a risk from your standpoint because this is clamped technology, how did it go? How did you get out of it?

There are all the deliveries, all of the milestones and all of the things that we wanted out of the system, we signed our contract before the Canadian payroll product was even generally available for the public, knowing that it was going to be generally available based on workday’s commitments, they met those commitments, that Canadian payroll has been a tremendous success, it has the US payroll for tremendous time savings and process and performance.

We now focus on accuracy, with our payroll instead of running payroll, waiting for it to run, the engagement is from the employee population, we have a company a lot of times in the past, we push things out from corporate, I made those things happen.

We’ve got a product, we can say that we globally deployed, people are now enjoying it, it’s not a chore to necessarily do HR things, people enjoy that, it’s a challenge, that is true, there are some things on the phone, the directory, squirrel and those things.

It is a great success, what would you say to somebody who’s considering moving to something like workday? Because it is fundamentally different to what most people are used to in any form of change things that are different, people tend to get a little bit scared of it, what would you say about that?

I would say don’t be scared of the technology, let’s make this better, let us focus on making sure that we’re effectively engaging, we’ve seen the benefits of all the reporting, everything being unified, all the process and the integration, we had 20 systems that we ultimately collapsed into one environment in our tenant, it’s been phenomenally successful.

Keep this simple, focus on business processes, there’s no reason that we’re all the same, we all do the same things, we don’t have to talk to every client, we all fight the same issues, we are all higher, we all fire, we all promote and transfer those things.

But there’s no reason that the manager in Chile should do that differently than what I do here in the US, it is the same thing in Spain, in the UK, we should all do it the same way, we’re all fighting the same battle, it’s a matter of how you go about solving that, sometimes it takes a little bit of radical thinking, they simplify this process, it is the right way.

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