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Eric Bolling Not A Lot Of Pro Trump People At Fox News Son Eric Chase

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Are you in talks with the White House about a job? I type Donald Trump as my friend as celebrity Trump is candidate Trump and as president Trump and I do have a lot of conversations with him, one on one sometimes Oval Office with other people.

It has surrounded the opioid crisis recently, my wife and I lost our 19-year-old son, the day after he passed, we were having a very hard time and the phone rang and it was President Trump who said I can’t imagine what you’re going through, I’m with you, I would be here to help, he also called on Thanksgiving Day, we were about to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner phone rings.

As we’re sitting down, it was Donald Trump, so he we talked about the opioids, what took our son was an accidental overdose and I realized at that moment, he cared about this crisis, it was something that he could feel he had empathy for your compassion.

You don’t see him showing on TV quite a bit, so I said would you mind if I’m in DC, if I could sit down and talk and it is sure enough I’ve had three or four one-on-one conversations with him, a couple of phone calls, it’s always been around the opioid crisis, some policy stuff too.

I have some great ideas for infrastructure, that’s why I thought these were job interview conversations, you tweeted the other day that you would work for $1, what happened with that tweet? I was so infuriated, when I saw that big 1.3 trillion dollar omnibus bill, this massive bill, Donald Trump has wanted funding for the wall.

There was very little as a drop in the bucket funding for the wall and he got pushed something that was thrown on him and I got upset, I said they need to do a couple of things.

First, stop the leaks, these leaks are ridiculous, he can’t have a conversation without five minutes, the press getting his reaction to a conversation he had with the world leader, the press is already printing good talking about it, we’re talking about it on TV.

So I said stop the leaks, plug the leaks, get rid of the people who are leaking in a very public way now, I guess he resigned for me, it would be a little bit more tough a few, if he was in fact not saying, but if he was a leaker, go public with him, do it, do a perp walk out of the White House, have the cameras follow him out so that they don’t end up going to another network that are going somewhere else.

I worked for the president for a year and a half, but I leaked which is very damaging to his presidency and in fact, the country and then end up with a better gig later, but Eric, what if you have a boss who’s erratic, who is behaving in ways that are dangerous, you don’t think they should leak to warn the country.

I don’t think a private conversation with a worldly, I don’t think anything should be leaked out of the White House, I think that all should be plugged, your director is the right job, these are whistle blowers, not leakers, I would beg to differ.

You can’t run any organizations, if everything you say is going to be on the front pages of the blog by the time, you leave your office, you’re saying whether you are trying to be White House communications director, you asked me that I would never lie to you.

I have no conversations with the White House regarding jobs, why do you think the president so inclined to hire TV personalities Larry Kudlow last week John Bolton this week? I think it’s because as a president, you want like-minded people around you, I think what Trump had going against him.

When he entered the White House, it wasn’t a Democrat, but a normal Republican is going into a White House, it has an infrastructure of Republican followers a group, what Trump had against him was that he had half the Republican Party who didn’t like him, the never Trump errs were as damaging as the liberal left was to President Trump.

So he enters and clearly you have to put seat fillers, honestly, that’s probably what he did, he put some people in probably who weren’t on the pro Trump agenda until he figured out who was and who wasn’t and you move those people out and you move people to see it in the way, he sees the country in the way he sees it.

You expect to see any other Fox News errs joining the White House Pete heggs, that’s been mentioned as a possibility, I don’t stay in contact with it, with the Fox News, but when I did sit down with the president, I had some great ideas on opioids, I had some ideas on infrastructure, I presented to him and I’m not doing it.

Because I want to go there, I’m doing that, because I think the country could be better off with more Pro Trump ideological people surrounding him in advising Gary Cohen, I used to work on a board of directors of New York Mercantile Exchange.

I was with Gary Cohen, we saw a completely different views of the world, but he was not the right person to put in as a national economic adviser senior level-2 president Trump, he was a Goldman Sachs globalist president, Trump is the first economic nationalist of America, I mentioned Fox, do you miss working at Fox?

I had a great ten years there, Fox and I separated about eight months ago, affably and I spent ten years and one in that montage, you put up at the beginning, as I interviewed John Bolton, I interviewed President Trump presidential candidates, I have nothing bad to say about my ten years of Fox.

What happened at the end? You were accused of sending inappropriate messages to your colleagues where you scapegoated or were those stories true? Here’s the deal, when I left Fox, we went through a long extensive period in what Fox and my lawyers decided to come up with in their comment and Fox’s statement was we separated amicably.

I agree with them completely, but you wouldn’t tell me, I’m not supposed to be talking about the lawsuits at all, because they’re still pending things, still pending about one of your former colleagues houses Ralph Peters and my wife of 20 years and I are completely on board in the same page.

I’ve never done anything like that, there was this story this week. I had never seen before this cable news contributor lighting a fire on the way out the door, you saw about Ralph Peters said about MOX, he called the network a propaganda machine, he worked there for years with you.

But he wrote this, he said in my view, Fox is degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration when primetime hosts who have never served our country in any capacity dismiss facts and empirical reality to launch profoundly dishonest assaults on the FBI, the DOJ, the courts, the Intel community which I serve and not least a model public servant in genuine war heroes such as robert muller.

All the while scare mongering with lurid warnings of deep state Massah nation’s, I cannot be a part of the same organization, I’ve never seen anybody on cable news, do that on the way out the door, did you agree that Fox is now a propaganda machine?

I haven’t been at Fox for a very long time, Ralph Peters, I used to book Ralph Peters when I’d sit in for Hannity O’Reilly, he would come on, he was always a firebrand, he’d always have something extremely provocative to say Ralph Peters isn’t tired and entitled to his opinion.

Seven months ago, when I lay eight months ago, when I left Fox, there were lot of pro, Trump people at Fox, there was only a handful of us, wait I lied approach, not a lot of products look back, seven or eight months ago, and you’ll see there was Hannity myself maybe Jeanine Pirro.

Beyond that, here’s the thing about any network, I’m sure it’s certainly true for Fox or my experience with Fox and CNN, no one calls you and says you have to be on board with Trump or against Trump or pro Obama or against Obama or have this political leaning or ideology.

We are free to have our own opinions, I’m sure I was never told which way to go with anything and they never did so, the beauty of capitalism in the marketplace free speech is that there is a Fox which leans one way CNN may lean.

Another way on the other group make MS Maylene, another direction you have choices and that’s the beauty of the American capitalist system, but piers is going further, he’s saying Fox is assaulting our rule of law by trying to tear down Robert Muller’s probe by trying to discredit Muller’s probe.

He says he’s embarrassed to work, you ever embarrass, I was never embarrassed in there, that’s Ralph, Ralph Peters has always made very provocative statements, he would come on and for the record, Ralph Peters never would like to Trump from the very beginning.

He never thought Trump would win the presidency and he certainly was certainly wasn’t a pro Trump advocate afterwards, he is in times of his opinion, but honestly I’m sure everyone here Don and Anderson, the difference in a holds them what you’re naming journey ideological Hannity Shep Smith recently said some of these people are entertainers, not journalists.

I wondered if you agreed with Shep that some of the primetime hosts are entertainers at this point, I think Shep has his role, he gets hit, Shep has a lot of opinion in his quote-unquote journalism show, but he has his role and in the opinion, what you’re seeing on cable news these days?

People are trying to stand up for facts and decency, what’s the plan? You can still have a strong opinion and stay within the boundaries of fact. I think that’s in general what happens. Sean Hannity is a very good friend of mine, Laura Ingraham a very good friend of mine, they’re very opinionated, but they’re always within the boundaries of fact.

I mean as opposed to a different type of news show a straight news a six o’clock news show here at Fox or anywhere, you’re going to get straight knew, this is what happened today, when you go into the primetime every network as well, when you get into primetime, the primetime hosts are in cable, are delving further and further into opinions.

But staying within the realms of fact, a year from now, you think you’ll be in the government, you’ll be on television, all I know is at this moment, my goal in life is to save families from the opioid scourge that we’ve been, we’ve been honestly horrendously dealing with for the past seven months.

Losing the child is nowhere, anyone should be and hopefully what I’m doing with the opioid push with the White House, with the help of the White House, it will save some lives, I’ll let God the next path for me now, that’s my only path, I’ve learned from the way you’ve shared your pain and in the past seven eight months, how many people have that?

I hope you’re touching more and more people in young people, younger and younger people are being affected by it, if you’re under 30, you’re most likely to die by accident from a note from an overdose and likely an opioid overdose more so than guns or cars spirits, thank you for your time.

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