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Best Store to Buy Cheap Fidget Spinners at Walmart Net

Description: This article is going to be talking about buying the fidget spinners in several stores like 5 below, the Walmart, the Walgreens, as well as where to buy the best one.

Today we are going to to buy fidget spinners which are sold in several stores like the 5 below, the Walmart, the Walgreens.

So I got out of 5 below and I was told that they don’t have more fidget spinners, we went through the 5 below dumpsters and didn’t find any fidget spinners, they are selling out quickly. So far, I think the cheapest one is in 5 below which costs $5, but we are going to see if there is any in Walmart.

Now there isn’t any in the toy section in Walmart but chances are there are some at the front, so we are going to check them out. We are going to stop by a couple of stores today, I know there are a few places that sell these.

Now we are at Walgreens, a drug store. Here we have fidget spinners, I bought the ones with different emojis, a pink one. So until now, Walgreens is the only store where there are a couple of fidget spinners. I think 7-11 also sells these. Now we are at another Walgreens, they have some fidget spinners with very cool colors, and some different shapes.

In my opinion, this Walgreens have better ones. And I recommend you going to some lonely places like countrysides, if you want to buy some good fidget spinners, because no one would love to go far away to buy them.

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