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Servo S08 Walmart Fidget Spinner Cell Phone Courtesy GearBest

Description:The article is about fidget spinner walmart. The author shows us the features of the Servo S08. It is fidget spinner cell phone which is very small and have its own special and useful features. The author show us how to use it.

I’m going to show you the review of unboxing of the servo S08 the fidget spinner cell phone. Let’s take a look to the box. It’s a fidget spinner mobile phone. It has bluetooth,connectivity and radio FM without headphones. There are some functions. It has mp3 mp4 player,gaming system,dual SIM standby and also the cell phone. In the back we found the stickers with the image and the same specs.

Before doing the unboxing,I would like to show you the gear based website where you can buy this phone. You can got it with free shipping for around 15 euros. You can choose different colors like green,black,blue or gold. It’s the 4th anniversary of deer vest up to 2nd April,you will find fantastic promotions.

There are electronic gadgets,household items,clothes smartphones,they all had good prices. Let’s open the box and see what we can find. You can find the tiny servo. It also has safety package. It is very mini and very cool. It has no camera. There is the speaker. It has aluminum frame. It has keyboard. If we open it we can find it has micro SIM card and mini SIM card and also the micro SD card support.

You can see the mini SIM card the micro SIM card and the micro SD. There is the speaker and the email number and the spinner. What is more inside the box? It has standard charger for our digits finger cell phone,it is for Europe micro USB port. How much of it? It is one ampere five bolts.

You can read it.Inside the box we found a user manual which says some keys. That have some light,saber buttons,how to use it. Let’s turn on the phone.There’s the home screen.There is the mind menu. We will navigate with these small buttons with right or left. We can find car logs,messages contacts,the field manager,multimedia center,audio some games applications,calendar,profile settings and internet.

I will put a micro SD card inside of it to show you how it plays music and show you some images in that 1.33 inches display. We can lock it. If you press that button,you can write new message and if we press that button automatically it goes to music player and search for songs mp3. You can press five to start or pause it. This bottom is for volume down and this one for volume up. Now I am going to turn off the light and spin it.

It is a loud speaker. I wan to tickle to other song. The light is cool fun for kids and for stress out with the spinner. One more,it has a quality surf for example repeat options and other things. This cellphone has four languages or five. We can find it from settings. It has English,Francais,poutygues,Russian,Espanol.

You can hold the power on and off everyday or when you want. Her flight are the lights when music is playing or someone sculling or you receive an SMS. In security,you can put some cuts for block it to everyone. In connectivity,you can find the connectivity for Internet and Bluetooth.

In profiles,that cell phone has version option. Let’s take a look to the ring tones. This is the message tones. You can also put your own ringtones on alert tones. It has our cool calendar. I like that screen with high quality because you can see the small pixels. It’s good for night.

There are some applications we found,they are Twitter,Whatsapp,Facebook,Alarm,word clock and Calculator and due to the connectivity. I will take calculator for example. It works fine. What would happen if you choose Twitter and Facebook? It will redirect to you to the websites of them.There are also games. It is Tetris. What is more about the cellphone? This is the music player and also the multimedia. I’ll show you some images I put inside it. You can take a look of the quality of the images. I like this one because of that spins. That has pink and green color.

It is good for a toy. It is as important as a toy for a kid. There is FM radio without headphones. It sounds very loud. There you have the speaker. You have the micro USB port for charging. The microphone locks automatically. You can set it at the settings. This is my micro SD cards folders. I put out contacts and messages and car locks.

There is nothing much to say about that. The tiny cell phone is very cool and very small like a lighter. This is the keyboard. It has Russian language for Russian keyboard. I recommend it for kids. But you need to remember it doesn’t have camera.

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