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Super Cheap Fidget Spinners at Walmart Net Many Walmart Vlog

Description: This article is going to be talking about the fidget spinners at Walmart which cost $5 with different materials and colors.

Now we are at Walmart because we just heard that they are selling fidget spinners. As soon as we get to the Walmart, they find the fidget spinners.

So they cost $5 each and there are printed, glitter, solid color and glow in the dark. And we are going to go back to the toy section and see if there are more fidget spinners. They have found more fidget spinners in this aisle, here are the ones that say glow in the dark, neon, glitter, and metallic.

There are some normal fidget spinners here with normal colors and these ones are $5 too. Here it says that there are 6 colors, blue, pink, white, black, red and green. This one says twirl pinch and spin balance, it also says relieves stress, strengthens focus, handheld toy.

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