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Walmart and Circle Fidget Spinners at Walmart Net

Description: This article is going to be talking about the several kinds of fidget spinners in both Walmart and Circle K which have different appearances and qualities.

I find the fidget spinners here, there are black ones, white ones, and some other color ones, all very light. You can see the bearings which I think they are all good qualities. I have a pink and orange one, a red one but we are going to another Walmart to see if there are some new ones.

So now I’m at the Walmart, we are going to see if there are other fidget spinners. Here we find the fidget ninja, you can try these out, but there are no centers which is very weird, but they can self spinning. We are going to see if there are some others.

Here are fidget spinners, it says there are glon, light-up, metallic, neon and glitter. But the only thing they have here are the plain colors. We picked the white one because we thought maybe we could do some DIY paint, and we can test out the bearings as well.

Now we are at Circle K and it seems like that they have the light up ones with different colors as well as the normal ones which are called hand spinners.

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