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Walmart Fitbit Versa Review and Ionic Smartwatch Comparison

Description: The article is about Fitbit walmart. The author talks about the Fitbit’s design and hardware. He also gives a lot words on Fitbit’s sports features,activity tracking and smart features. Fitbit has many advantages and disadvantages,people can choose it if they like.

This is the Fitbit Versa or I like to call it the Fitbit blaze2 which is what it is. We’re going to cover what I like about it and also what I don’t like about it. At the end we’re going to do a final verdict and we’re going to compare it specifically to the Fitbit ionic which is another smart fitness watch that Fitbit has.

How we’re going to break this thing down is we’re going to talk about design and hardware first,then sports features,activity tracking and then smart features. Let’s first talk about design of this watch. This reminds me of a mix between the pebble smartwatch and the Apple watch.

It looks nice but it’s always going to look like a fitness watch or a Smart Watch. I think it’s got a nice aesthetic to it especially if you put on some of those premium bands such as a leather one or a metal one,it looks nice but you’re not going to disguise the fact that it is a smart watch. Speaking of those bands, they are interchangeable and that’s great. I had a tough time switching between them.

It’s not something that I want to do every single day. The watch also has three buttons and it has a full color touchscreen display and you can use a combination of them in order to navigate the software and use the device. I personally don’t like having touch screens on my fitness wearables. I think it’s going to not accurate.

It’s a pain to always use a touchscreen so I prefer either buttons or a touchscreen having buttons and a touch screen system. Touch screens isn’t my favorite out there. On top of that I worry about the display scratching over time. It’s not an always-on display which means that you need to manually wake the display by tapping on it pressing a button or turning your wrist over. I wish it was an always-on display.

I also found these software are slow and laggy. It takes much time to check my daily steps progress. It takes more time than I was expecting. The software is slow. The watch is waterproof down to 50 meters and it’s rated for pool swimming which I’ll talk about in a minute.

It also has connected GPS which is not proper GPS. The idea is that if you bring your phone along for a run or to go bike riding or on a hike or something,it’s going to piggyback off of the GPS from your phone and then we’ll lay the stats down onto your wrist. When you see pace or distance come from the GPS,that’s collected from your phone. So that’s connected GPS.

There is also something which related to that. It is the heart rate sensor. It has a wrist heart rate sensor. It has Fitbit’s pure pulse sensor on its underside that’s going to measure your heart rate during workouts and then all day long as well. But unfortunately it doesn’t pair with any external heart rate sensors. Fitbit says it’s going to be up to 4 days for battery life. I found it right but it depends heavily on your usage.The more you use all of its features the more you’re running with it and workout with it.

By all this stuff running quicker you’re going to drain that battery life. I want you to use the watch but the more you use it the quicker that battery life is going to go down. I would not be surprised to see a bunch of people comment down below and say I’m getting three days of battery life on this thing.

We are going to check out how large the charger is. It’s a big charger. It’s not travel friendly. It’s another one you have to remember to bring with you when you go traveling. It’s not a standard micro USB or USB type-c. So that’s the design and the hardware stuff. I should also note that if you’re looking for great deals on Fitbit devices a Fitbit Garmin Apple you should check out our website Rizzo’ or you can download our free iOS and Android application.

We don’t sell anything. All we do is find the 100 best deals of every single day and Fitbit pops up all the time and we can save people a lot of money. If you’re interested and then ionic or the blaze or the charge 2 we have seen amazing deals. You’re probably spending too much money if you don’t check that first.

We are going to talk about these sports features. This will track a number of different sports. You have manual control over which ones are shown on the watch itself,so you can change that within the mobile application. You can also change everything from running,treadmills,hiking even a lightweight.

We’re going to talk about the main ones for now. It’s using connected GPS for running,so that means it’s getting at your pace,distance,your route and your speed. That’s all going to show up on your wrist. So how it compared to my Garmin watch plus my Garmin heart rate sensor? This is going to a five mile run. You can see there is a difference in terms of duration and also in the distance. But it is very close.

The wrist heart rate monitor is also good. Near the beginning you can see a couple of minutes span where it didn’t track properly. That dragged down the average heart rate and also the calories. The heart rate sensor was good and passable for most people out there. But it wasn’t as accurate as that chest strap heart rate monitor.

One thing I should say is that the phone did a better job of tracking my elevation than Garmin did. Garmin was 300 feet too high in certain instances. That’s one advantage with using connected GPS. That’s an important stat for runners. That’s something that I wish I had on this device.

Now we are moving over to treadmill running. You can see how it compared to my Garmin watch and a Garmin Chester heartrate monitor. This is something that you’re going to want to play with in the settings of the Fitbit mobile application. By default it did an good job.

It was off by about two-tenths of a mile after running going to a mile. You can expect that gap will get bigger the farther as you run. You can change your stride length and rejigger to make sure it best suits treadmill running. If you do a lot of treadmill running,I don’t personally so I don’t care. But if you check the settings out in the Fitbit mobile app,by default it’s going to use a stride length that it determined when you did your most recent GPS runs. So we are going to check into that.

You can see how it compared to Garmin for swimming. It was spot-on. It is very good for swimming pace. You don’t get a ton of stats compare to get with Garmin.

Now we are moving over to weight training. Wrist heart rate sensors lags in this category. It is not a great type of exercise for a wrist or a monitor. I found that the pure pulse was good. But it didn’t track exactly. The duration of the workout was the same but you can see that the calories were a little bit off.

The average numbers are close. But it didn’t track right. When I was looking down at my wrist,I found that it was often different than what the chest drop heart rate monitor said. But it was usually close. I think it’s passable for most people out there. But it’s not going to be perfect.

Now we are moving over to activity tracking. This is an area that I genuinely feel that Fitbit has a leg up over every single brand out there. They’re good at activity tracking. They’ve got a wonderful mobile application with a great community section. They do a good job of estimating your distance or steps your calories floors climb.

They do a great job with sleep especially compared to Garmin. They show you your light sleep,your deep sleep,your REM sleep. They also make it relative to other people in your age cohort. Fitbit is good at activity tracking. If that’s what you’re interested in you’re in good hands.

You also get daily alarms, you get a daily steps goal and then make every hour a goal for you as well. You need to hit 250 steps. I like that because they make it more bite-sized. Everybody out there will appreciate the activity tracking from Fitbit. If you go deep into their mobile application,you can check out your vo2 max and see how you do to other people in your cohort. I found that to be almost perfectly accurate compared to the Garmin. I’m decent in terms of vo2 Max but I’m not elite level.

Now we are talking about music storage because this is one exciting thing about this device. What you need to know for this is it stores up to 300 songs. It works with your personal music with Pandora plus and Pandora premium and deezer premium service. You have a little bit of flexibility there. You can pair Bluetooth headphones to your watch and you can workout phone free.

I will move over to these smart features in terms of applications and all of that. Fitbit has their own third-party app store. It works well and there are more laughs that are being added every single day. But it’s not as robust as apples. I also found that a lot of the applications are slow to use.

Therefore they aren’t that helpful. Yelp is slow. It doesn’t get you everything that you want. Since you still need your phone within range,it’s going to easier to use your phone. Same thing for the New York Times. The one that I like is the Starbucks application that you can going to pay for anything using the Starbucks app. They also have Fitbit pay which is similar to how the Starbucks one would work. If you go to Apple pay you can pay for goods and services.

That’s most of the smart features. In terms of my overall verdict for the device I like it. I like how sleek and thin and compact this devices. I like that has a lot of features. I wish that I had built-in GPS and a few other things. But having the music stores is nice.

The activity tracking is good. I like that they added pool swimming. It’s a good device and I don’t think $200 is crazy in terms of comparing it to the Fitbit ionic. There are a couple of things to talk about. The ionic is $300. Is it worth $100 more than the Versa? I don’t know if it is. They’re targeting two different communities here.

The Versa for somebody that’s active and that wants a device that they can put a leather band on and it looks nice and they aren’t like hardcore into fitness. Somebody that’s getting that ionic. It’s probably a runner a cyclist or a swimmer,they’re more intertwined with outdoor run cycle swim community,so it is in that GPS watch category. I want a good activity track with a few other features out and on top.

In addition to that the ionic will get you a little bit more battery life and it does have built-in GPS. It’s not going to use connected GPS and that could be a big deciding factor for a lot of people. On the flipside of that the Versa is thinner sleeker. It’s going to be a smaller device overall. So maybe somebody with a smaller wrist might prefer the Versa. I’d like to hear what you think. I’d be happy with either one. I think if I had more money I’d go with the ionic. It is a little bit more angular and I like the smooth edges of the Versa. I like having the GPS.

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