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Collier Focus 85 Part 1

Description: The article is about focus collier. We’ll take a look at the board of county commissioners, meeting the County Commission draws a line in the sand for public beach access and the board approved the contract for a new upgrade for the north collier water treatment plant.

Welcome to this edition of call your focus on today’s show, we’ll take a look at the board of county commissioners, meeting the County Commission draws a line in the sand for public beach access and the board approved the contract for a new upgrade for the north collier water treatment plant.

I’m troy miller who will cover these stories and more next on call your focus stay tuned, weather reporting on the latest news stories or hot issues taking a look at county government services or announcing what’s happening around the county.

This is all your focus bringing government home at the recent Board of County Commissioners meeting the board had a discussion about the recent actions of the Mariah Bay Club that saw them set out cones to section off a private area on the beach.

The board chambers were overflowing with residents who told the board that the portion of Vanderbilt Beach being roped off has always been open to the public county attorney Jeff clots cow reported to the board that a potential lawsuit could last years and more than likely garnered national attention to commissioners combined on a motion to see that.

The beach continues to have public access, we direct staff to take every possible move to remove these cones and if this is not successful, then I think that we need to proceed on with a lawsuit second, I think we should also add a change to our ordinance which would prohibit beach renourishment and those properties that are trying to restrict public access.

I’ll put that straight, the board unanimously approved the motion, but by the next day, the cones and signs on the beach were removed, as of the time of this taping had not reappeared, we will keep you posted on this story, as it continues to unfold good news for boaters, the board approved a revised conceptual site plan for the Bay View boat park expansion currently.

The park has 16 on-site spaces for boat trailers and 35 parking spaces for cars, the revised plan would provide 59 boat trailer spaces on site 14 single car spaces on site and nine boat trailer spaces on danford Street, the plan is to best utilize the space available, did the board approve the conceptual plan for the Bay View project which will allows us to move forward with maximizing the footprint of boat and trailer spaces on site?

As you know, one of the major concerns for the Commission is a water access, so this gives us a significant improvement on the baby of sight currently, we only have 16 trailer spots and this takes us to a total of sixty eight, when you look at the whole site, so moving forward, we’re able to do what the County Commission has directed us to do is to provide additional border access to the public boat launch work at Bayview will begin immediately and will be done in several phases over the next 15 months.

The board approved the awarding of a 2.9 million dollar contract for the construction of the finished water quality and odor control compliance project at the north collier water treatment plant, the new project focuses on d gasification and odor control in a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way without sacrificing water quality or taste water director palma tosh explains how the d gasification process works.

You run the water through a pack tower and you blow air past the water and a remove hydrogen sulfide which is that rotten egg smell that we smell in collier county and our water, so we are removing that hydrogen sulphide from the water stream and the odor control the second part of that water treatment process takes the hydrogen sulfide out of the air and puts it in a small chemical stream.

That’s handled by our wastewater plant, so we’re improving the taste and odor of the water contracts and parts will take a while to be put in place, so construction is not set to begin for several months, the board acting as the Community Redevelopment Agency heard several items about the immokalee CRA that deal with the creation of a Business Development Center the facility which will be located at the immokalee Airport is a collaboration between the immokalee CRA and the airport authority.

The Business Development Center is designed to provide financial assistance in the form of low-cost rental space and business guidance in many forms, they’ll set up a plan and every quarter, they’ll review that plan with the director and they’ll see if they’re making progress, if not, then they’ll make adjustments to their plan.

At the end of four years, they’ll be ready to go out into the private sector, the board also approved a grant application that would help fund the start up and first-year operating costs the board heard a presentation by the Collier foreclosure taskforce concerning various legislative proposals introduced in this year’s legislative session in Tallahassee.

The board agreed that making their wishes known in Tallahassee early in the process may be the best way to get their desired results the board instructed the task force to quickly outline a list of priorities, what we will need is your recommendation concerning what are the important issues is a change in the judicial process important.

What the changes of the elimination of deficiency judgments are about how we are going to get the condo associations made whole or help them get some reimbursement and those things, if you could help us identify what those principles should be, then it would be easier for us to do that foreclosure related issues, continue to be a serious problem both nationally and here in Collier County wild fire preparedness was on the minds of commissioners.

As they declared on March 10th, as wild fire danger heightened awareness day experts warn, this winter’s cold temperatures have damaged vegetation that could potentially become a wildfire fuel source Commissioner Jim caleta urges people to be prepared.

The day is going to come, when we’re going to have that eventual fire, that’s going to burn through the estates, it’s going to be serious, but we’ll be able to stand back at that time and and realize the fact that we have made a difference that day.

It might not be this year with the rains come in and the weather conditions the way they are, but it will happen someday and I know the county government is playing in this video of the event of the meeting itself to be able to keep our citizens aware.

But they don’t, we have to make sure that our citizens don’t rest their guard that there’s still a tremendous danger out there in spite of the rains we’ve been receiving, if they don’t clear around their houses, if they don’t take the necessary precautions, then they may be the casualty, that will happen at the next fire.

Thank you so much for all that, you put into this, I do appreciate it to learn more about brush fire prevention watch wildfire 2010 here on call your television or go to the call your gov dotnet website and click on the video section.

The board had a discussion about the cost booting companies can charge for immobilizing illegally parked cars last fall the board, set up fee of twenty-five dollars as the maximum that companies could charge in order to remove a boot since that time some homeowners associations and the booting companies have expressed concerns about the rate claiming that they are not covering their costs.

The $25 fee is not a deterrent to illegal parker’s, the board agreed to have staff take all of the information presented and come back with a recommendation for changes to the ordinance, the board approved a proclamation designating March 14 through March twentieth as Sunshine Week there to accept on behalf of the county commissioners was citizen liaison Heather Grimshaw and from the Clerk of Courts office was crystal Kinzel Sunshine Week is about the public’s right to know what its government is doing and why and seeks to enlighten and empower people to play an active role in their government at all levels.

It’s time for a break, when we come back, the Transportation Department has a groundbreaking for the oil, road improvement project and the health department is offering free childhood vaccinations.

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