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Get ViP TV and Fox Sports Go on Your Roku Activate. Com

Description: This article is going to be talking about how to set up Roku to best work with the VIP TV.

I’m going to show you how to set up your Roku to best work with the VIP TV.

First you’re going to scroll down to where it says streaming channels, click OK on it, then scroll down to search channels, when you click on it, you’re going to type in m3u and you’ll see on the right hand side, the m3u playlist player pops up. Select it and then select add channel, so now that the channel has been added, click OK and click go to channel.

Scroll down the terms, click I agree and then you’re going to start a new playlist, name it, go down to next, this is where you’re going to type in your playlist information, type in then click save. You have to pay attention that the test part should your own username and password.

Then go back, click go to channel and you will see the VIP TV. The folders you see will be categorized by countries, and here are the stations being loaded. Choose a channel, click on play ts format, and you can watch it.

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