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How to Get Free Live Cable TV on Roku Fox Sports Go at

Description: This article is going to be demonstrating you how to install channel pair into your Roku stick so you would be able to watch cable TV channels directly

I’m going to show you how to install channel pair into your Roku stick so you would be able to watch cable TV channels directly. What I’m demonstrating here is called channel care, it includes Fox News, ABC News, CNN International, CNN Weather Channel as well as some other channels including local channels and international channels. But if you want to have more, you have to subscribe.

So you go to this page here, click on your Roku account and sign in. Once you sign in it will take you towards this page here, now go back to this page and add the channel. Click on this and it will take you to this prompt, click yes and add channel here, then it goes up to your Roku stick.

Go to settings, system and click on system update, click on check now, it says that it added channel pear, click on OK, go back to your home page and make sure that you added channel pear. Then click on that and it’s starting for the very first time and it tells you to register for a free account.

Now you go to the website that you registered under, make sure that you have this code because that is able to to link your Roku stick to your channel care account. Sign up to your account and fill in the necessary field to get your free account and now go to your channel pair account.

Once you log in, it will take you towards this page and click on pair a device, click on your Roku and then on this code here, go ahead and type in the code that you had, and then once you go to your Roku TV, it will actually give you a prompt that says you have successfully paired this Roku device. So now you click on OK and it should be retrieving whatever channels that you have.

Then go back to your channel pair account and you click whatever channels that you want. For a free account, you will be allowed to add about five channels and after that they will charge you. For example, click on channels, add them to the library, then go back again and now go to your Roku and fire up channel pair and all the channels should actually be retrieved here, click on play an it is playing.

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