Top 5 Fantasy Premier League Mistakes to Avoid FPL Login

Description: The article is about fpl login. The passage mainly talks about top 5 mistakes people may make when they are palying Fantasy Premier League. Those are simply giving up,not planning ahead,take point hits,go gung-ho with your transfers and dodgy captain picks.

Everyone wants to do well when playing Fantasy Premier League,but there are plenty of things that can go wrong,I’m Joe from fantasy football manager and these are the top five mistakes that people make when playing fantasy Premier League.

Number five is simply giving up. If you set up a team in August and don’t make any transfers throughout the year then you’re probably going to fail. That’s one mistake that people make,don’t do that.

Number four is not planning ahead. You only have a limited number of transfers you can make every week without taking something,but if you don’t look at the fixtures beforehand before you set up your team and think about the three in advance,you’ll end up with players that the players have a juicy fixture one week but then the next two they will struggle.

Maybe there’s a defender who has good chance of keeping the clean sheet one week for the next two weeks when they’re up against some of the top teams in the league,then your team fails because you didn’t plan ahead.

Leading on from not playing ahead will be mistake number three which is taking point hits. I was very guilty of this last season,I took far too many points hits last season ended up costing me I don’t even know how many points overall.

You’re starting the game week minus four minus eight or even more based on your lack of planning and taking those point hits,so my recommendation would be to stick with it,try not to take any point hits if you can’t unless they’re absolutely necessary. If you don’t have eleven players starting then it might be time to take a point,otherwise avoid them at all cost.

Speaking of transfers,mistake number two is to go gung-ho with your transfers. If you see someone who has formed well one week,you may then bring them in during the game week,that’s probably a big mistake due to the fact that they may get injured,they may not have the most favorable fixtures.

I’m thinking things like when Calum Wilson scored a hat-trick for Bournemouth one week,you may have seen a big spike in transfers on him,but following up they have some tough games and he didn’t quite perform at that same level.

So you need to make sure that you are avoiding those gung-ho bandwagon transfers. I’ve even seen it where someone has performed one week well,people bring them in and think Ross Barkley scored twice,but the next week he didn’t even play due to the fixture list. That’s one mistake you want to avoid if you’re going to succeed at fantasy Premier League.

Number one is my biggest mistake throughout the whole season last year,it is dodgy captain picks. Dodgy captain picks up as Joleon Lescott,Cameron Jerome,they’re all on me,I took a risk I took a gamble and those definitely didn’t pay off and it’s one of my biggest mistakes throughout the all of last season. I am hoping to rectify that in 2016 or 2017,but we’ll see.

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