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DIY How To Install And Repair Garage Door Weather Seal Winterize With Garage Door Weather Striping

Description: The article is about garage door repair. This passage provides a quick walkthrough of how to install garage door weather seal. Installing weather stripping will keep your garage warmer in the winter by cutting down on drafts.

Yesterday I repaired my garage door,this is the view from the outside,it’s not too bad,it’s a little bit bowed in places,I’m going to apply some weather stripping that will hopefully help seal that up.

The first thing I need to do is to cut the weather stripping to the proper length,it’s a little bit long,this is what it looks like. I got this at Lowe’s,they sell it in a very proper price,it’s very inexpensive which is good because I don’t know how long it’ll last. It’s a little bit long,I’m going to go ahead and measure this up and cut it to the correct length.

We need to cut these two lengths. I’m going to use a razor knife. The nice thing about working with plastic is that you can use a razor knife. You could use a fine-tooth saw,but I think a razor knife works fine.

Having a sharp blade helps,you don’t have to be too precise with it because you’re going to be able to push it up against the edge. You want it to be snug so you don’t want to take off too much. I’ve tested it on both doors. What I’m going to do now is that I am going to mark off where I need to cut for the other one because I’ll do both doors today.

The PVC has some divots,I have pre-loaded a bunch of the screws to make my life a little bit easier. A man with three kids would have some helpers but I don’t,so this is a one-man job,this is going to make things a little bit easier if I get the thing in place. I’m going to start it in the center.

I can work my way through the ends. It is PVC,you have a little bit of flexibility,we’ve got some warps,you can shift it over as needed. I’m not going to bear it too much,it is enough to get started. I’m using the sheet metal,let’s give it a shot. None of the other panels are touching it,it looks good.

I’m going to move on to the side pieces,I’ll need to cut those two lengths. That’s a good seal,I’m happy with that. I’m going to move on to the side pieces,I’ve got quite a gap at the top,the whole rest of the side is good. I have to cut a notch in the plastic or I may have to try to push it over a little bit. Let’s start cutting the legs. It that looks good to me,I’m on the other door,I want to show you this because this one is more of a gap.

Another nice thing about working with plastic is that you can shave down the end if needed,that’s going to fit much tighter. You need to cut these off at a forty-five,you can use scissors over your razor knife to cut that.

That’s pushing out on this lip,but if you cut that,that’s not going to have so much outward pressure,it’s not a huge deal,you can seal that up nicely. But you can do that to keep a little less pressure,you might want to cut that little tab off there.

It looks something like that,I don’t know if it’s going to make much difference,but that’s a nicer look. I’m going to start in the middle,I need to make adjustments on the top of the bottom,I can do that easily because it’s plastic. I’m using these outdoor wood screws,they take the t20 Torx,I wasn’t keen on them at first but what I found is that they’re not so apt to rust.

I’m going to use silicone caulking on the outside of this. It may take a while,I’m doing that,I’ll put caulking over the top of these.

It would have been better to preload these. It sinks in nice. I’m going to go ahead and get the top and the bottom of this,I am going to put a screw in every hole,I am going to do the same on the top. I’m going to go ahead and finish up this side. It looks good.

I’m going to do something,I’m going to replace this bottom weather strip. I want to do that,I’ll have to notch out the bottom. It’s good because it doesn’t make contact to the door until the door is seated,that’s not bad. I’m happy with that,I’m going to go ahead and finish up the other side.

I’ve got one thing left to do,that’s filling these in with silicone and using some silicone caulking around the edge. This side is clean. If you’re in the middle of your project,hopefully this helps you out a little bit. Hopefully it’ll help keep my garage a little bit warmer this winter.

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