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How To Balance And Repair Your Garage Door

Description: The article is about garage door repair. Sometimes garage doors can become unbalanced over time,you may need to re-balance your garage door. The author shows the process of balancing your garage door,anyone with mechanical skill will be able to balance a garage door.

Today I am going to show you how to check the balance of your garage door,experts recommended us doing this periodically,maybe once a year. To check the balance of your garage door,for safety first,it is always good to unplug the opener,you need to pull the cord from the opener.

Next,you need to disengage the opener from the door,you can do that by pulling the rope toward the inside of the garage and that disengages it. They are the two positions on the opener,if you pull it away from the door,it will disengage,if you pull it towards the door,it could reengage. You need to pull it away from the door and then you can lift the door,it may feel heavy. You can open the door halfway.

It doesn’t stay up. When the door is all the way up,it still heavy and it won’t stay open. Typically when a door doesn’t stay open,it needs at least half a turn of tension. You need to close the door,you need to add about half a turn or 3/4 of a turn. I am very familiar with these doors. When it opens,I usually add 3/4 of a turn.

To do that,I use winding bars that are marked for safety with tape,we need to set the ladder towards the center of the spring. I want to say out of the cones but a lot of injuries would happen over the years when people stand in the path of the cone,you need to stay away from that.

To adjust spring,you need to use winding bars,most cones have a half inch cone in them,these winding bars have half-inch ends. In order to keep the shaft from turning,if you only have one spring on the door,you can use a vise grip to hold the shaft.

The vice grip serves the purpose of an extra employee,find the location of six inches from the end and you need to put the vise grip in there,your need to adjust it until it fits snugly. The top of the vise grip is against the header,we need to insert the bar. We are at 3 corner turn,you need to grab the second bar from the bottom.

That’s one quarter turn,this is another quarter turn,you need to stay away from this. The spring will suddenly break in this and fly up to punch you in the eyes,it is not safe,this is very dangerous,you need to do it one more time,you need to insert the bar. The bars are marked.

At this point,we’re going to mark the end of the shaft. To tighten the set screws,I’m going to stretch the spring a little bit before we tighten set screws. The reason we do this is that if you tighten it up the way it is,the coil may stick and the door won’t close.

We need to pull it toward the inside center of the door until the end of the tongue lines up with my mark. I don’t want that to slip back. I’ll show you what happens if you relax it,it slips back. We need to knock it out,if you mark it too far,it starts to snake. You don’t want it to do that,you need to walk it back.

I will continue holding the pressure in this way and then reset the set screws,I need to keep my body out of the way,we need to set half a turn beyond the point where it touches the steel. I am going to tighten it,we will have another turn. Before I pull the bar out,I need to test it for safety.

If you put too much tension,when you put your bar out the door,the cone may knock off the light. You need to put the second bar in,you need to remove the first bar,you need to pull down a little bit to see what comes up.

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