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How To Repair A Garage Door Jamb Rotted Wood Home Mender

Description: The article is about garage door repair. This is a brief introduction on how to repair a garage door jamb. The author shows how to replace a rotted garage door jamb and weather stripping. He shows the way to repair a garage door jamb.

This is Dustin with home mender,today we’re going to be replacing a garage door jamb. They get rot at the bottom if they’re contacting the ground. They are also prone to termite activity,this one’s rotted,we need to get taken out,let’s get to it.

We’re going to start by taking off the garage weather stripping,it is usually made of vinyl,you can use your pry bar to do it. This one is wrapped in metal,we can repair it a little different,but if yours is not wrapped in metal,we’re going to repair this one as if we were painting it.

If we pull back our metal wrap,we can see that this piece is rotted. We’re going to replace the whole side of the jamb. We’re going to pull off this 1 by 3 strip,we’re not going to be too careful with it because it’s will be replaced.

We’re going to pull up our metal wrap. This is damaged,you may not be able to reuse it. If you’re painting it,this doesn’t apply to you. Our metal wrap is off,we’re going to use a saw to cut this board so it can be a little easier for us to get.

This is usually trimmed out in brick mold,this one is trimmed out in 2×4,I think we can do it without folding it. You need to find your board,that is easy. If you are rewrapping in metal,it doesn’t matter how much you cut out of the board,you can cut two or three feet off of it,you can put them in a new wood because you’re wrapping over it.

It needs to be painted,we prefer one solid piece. We need to measure it up from the ground. That’s 83 inches tight from the ground. However we don’t want to it to touch in the ground because that’s what rotted it out the first time,so we’re going to take about a half inch off of our 83 inch,we’re going to cut it at eighty two and a half.

Our garage door jamb is cut,we are ready to go,we’re going to use finishing nails because this is going to be paint grade,you don’t want to use some jumbo ugly head nail. You can use your pro bar at a block of wood to position the board.

We need to nail it off. You need to make sure that you are using galvanized finishing nails so they don’t rust. We need to replace the piece of 1×3 that we took off. We need to to keep it a half inch from the ground. Our last measurement was 80 two and a half,we want it to be the same size,we’re going to cut this at eighty two and a half.

We need to lift it up to the top and nail it on. Let’s measure the position of the board so we can keep it the same. We need to mark it down below. We’ve duplicated our jamb,we are ready to install the vinyl weather stripping.
You need to place it close to the ground,it’s vinyl so it won’t rock.

This is vinyl,we can cut it with our skill saw,you need to make sure that you have set your depth so you don’t have more blade than you need cutting.

With our garage door down,we’re ready to install the weather stripping. You need to make sure that your flap contacts the door,we need to run the side flap,we need to nail it off. You should try to keep this reveal the same way. Our garage door jamb is replaced. You can paint it with the color you like.

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