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How to Replace And Repair A Rotted Garage Door Post This Old House

Description: The article is about garage door repair. This passage talks about how to replace the a rotted garage door post from old houses. The author shows how to repair the neglected and badly decayed garage-door post and jambs.

I’ve cut two pieces of two-by-six parts,we’re going to use this one for a plate to lay on the garage floor, I’m going to use another one for a temporary post. I measured from this plate on the floor to the underside of the header,I’ve measured them on an angle.

When I drive this in,it will lift up the garage roof. The temporary post should support it,both rails are up,we’re ready to go to work. To get started,we need to remove all this around the garage door post,we’ve had some cop endurance in there,you see the damage that they’ve done,we’re definitely going to cut all that out.

You might want to take a look at this. The bottom of the post is rotted,the top of it is rotted too. What does that mean? We’ll replace the whole post,that’s rotted. I want to insert my reciprocating saw beside the jamb and the posts on each side to cut the nails,hopefully I’ll be able to pull the post out,let’s give it a pour. You need to go inside and push it with your foot,let me grab it.

That center post rotted because it is in a hole in the ground,it is taking in the water and moisture. You need to clean this out,I’ll mix up some concrete and we can fill the hole back up. It looks like that we’re down to the bottom. I’ve mixed up some quick-setting concrete and we’ll fill the hole.

I am using a trowel,I’m going to knock all the air bubbles out of it so it fills the void nice and solid. We can fasten the posts to the concrete,we’re going to use this galvanized carriage bolt with this post base,I am going to insert it in the wet concrete,I am going to push it down,it’s in the right position.

I’m going to make that nice,we have a nice solid connection,we need to make it flat. I’m going to put this cap on top of the carriage nut,that will keep the post off of the ground,we need to keep it dry. The bottom of the jamb on each side of the post are rotted. I’m going to cut the lower section off and remove that rotted section.

There’s our new post,it’s a four by six pressure-treated post,it’s rot resistant,I’m going to start by laying a corner of it on the post base. You need to balance it for me until I get up on the ladder,I’m going to tap it in with my hammer. You need to tap the bottom in.

I’m going to put a couple of screws in on a diagonals. I am going to replace the bottom portion of the jamb which is rotted,I’ve ripped down a 2×4 pressure-treated post. I’ve marked a line on the existing part of your jamb,I’ll notch it. We’re ready to start rebuilding the jamb.

With a piece of 2×4 that I ripped down,I want to keep it to the inside,you need to screw that in place. The outside piece will screw through there. Our rotted structure has been replaced,we’re ready to trim this post out. It was trimmed in wood but we don’t want to use wood,we want to use this material.

What’s that? This is a solid PVC trim board that looks like wood. The first thing I want to do is that I want to cock this joint,let’s get to the other side.That’s good and nice.

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