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Install And Repair A Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Description: The article is about garage door repair. This articles covers on how to install a Chamberlain Garage Door Opener. The author introduces the basics of installing a door,he also gives a few tips to make the process easier if you are working alone.

I’m making good on a promise,I’ll install a garage door opener. This says from a friend of my wife’s,I promise that in solid garage door opener,I have it,I want to do a quick unboxing of it.

It’s a Chamberlain three-quarter horsepower chain drive garage door opener,if you have those and want to know how to install them,this is the tutorial for you.

We have our main units,we have the bars,Hardware,set screws,these are going to be the brackets to mount the bars,it’s going to be your release and your guide,these are going to mount the sensors on the garage floor. We have those buttons and little hooks.

These are the sensors that you need to mount up in the garage,there’s your quick release. One thing that I don’t see is the mounting brackets,it will mount to the drywall,let’s take a peek. This is the garage,it’s going to go quite high. We don’t have any angle brackets,that’s a problem.

I’ll have to go pick up a couple of those/ I need to buy them to mount the garage door opener. There’s the garage,it is not too difficult to do. We have the angle brackets. One of them is a little bit different than the rest. I want to make sure that we have all of them. I am going to use the butt of the hammer. I don’t damage everything,I need to put them together.

This is the step one. I put it on the bar that we built,I supported it at the end with the can of windshield washer fluid,it has this little chain link in order to attach the wire that I thread through the wheel. I have thrown that wire through the wheel,it has this little chain link to attach it.

I have to hook up that chain,I will wrap the chain around it. You can see what I did. There is nothing special. I need to connect the chain to this little release mechanism,this is what I have to do. That is how easy it is to put together the garage door opener.

All I did was thread the chain around there,it was no big deal. I put the bars together,I threaded this cable. It is attached to the chain. This is the unit that will connect to the garage door once we’re there. What we need to do is to prepare the garage,that requires mounting some stuff at the central line.

Step two is to simply mount this in the center. I’m lucky because the center is marked by these otherwise I have to find the center of the garage door. I don’t know where I left off. I’m a little worried that it’s a little bit too high. But in the instructions it says that I can go to four feet from the top of the door.

I don’t know,I have it mounted there,the chain is obviously loose,it’s saying that it needs to be tightened up. I have that sitting on my ladder. What I have to do is that I have to mount it to the ceiling,in order to make that easy,I’m going to do something,I’m going to put it all the way to this side of the rail for the garage door.

That should allow me to support this above the door,I’ll be able to open the door and get more light in here,I am going to figure this out and make sure it’s centered. I’m going to go ahead and do that. I need to get this garage door open perfectly.

I need to get it. It’s a real pain. I’ve taken a strap because I’m working by myself. I’ve put it through there,I have tied it and wrapped it around the garage door,it’s cool,that’s a hundred percent level. That bar is 100 percent level,I’m happy with that.

I can put the rest of the bracing together,I’m good,I am going to install these little adapter things for the sensor,it is easy. I am going to show it on camera,it is so simple that you can do that all by yourself. I have it mounted up with the brackets,it is not too difficult. I have to make those wires nice,I hope this helps.

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