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Install And Repair The Garage Door Opener

Description: The article is about garage door repair. The garage door openers are installed on the automotive end of the garage. The author reviews the brackets and beams that are used to mount the opener’s drive,he also introduces the chain material that are used to move the door.

We’ve installed the garage doors,it takes about three-day doing the operations,the roof was all completed. Skylights are doing well,those lights are doing well. We’ve some work to do,we want to bring some asphalt to this apron. We need to put three inches of asphalt in here so that we can make a nice transition.

The weather is starting to change,they’ll close the asphalt plants very soon. I’ll call him today,let’s go inside and talk about installing this garage door opener. That’s warm in here. I want you to meet Kyle. He is a garage door opener installer. They’re commercial-grade,they are pre-reinforced,it’s nice and well balanced,it’s a good quality door,it has a heavier gauge steel in residential doors.

Most residential homes have fiberglass doors,they’re going to have a light gauge metal door or a wood door, this one is a quality door. When we find those in homes,we may need to reinforce it,this is what we’ll use for reinforcement,it’s a frame designed strut.

This access is stiffener when you put it on one of those fiberglass residential doors or the wooden doors,you’re pulling on the door from the central point,you don’t have to worry about the door. The door could crease if there’s too much force on that point,sometimes it is due to weather conditions such as ice may stick in the bottom of the door or maybe one of the rollers is jammed.

We use this and we won’t have anything to worry about. In this case,we don’t need it,we will go directly to the door. We have an advantage bracket,this also gives us a nice stiff place to mount our opener,we’ll mount that through this point. It goes straight off to the beam that we’ve,you can rig up some angle. Electricians made the plug in for us,we have the angle iron coming down which will mount the unit from.

Let’s look at the unit itself. You will get it on the sawhorse,this is the craftsman belt drive,this is different from what I’m used to seeing on garage door openers,you can see the bicycle chain,this is not a chain,it’s a rubber. It’s rubber,it has strands of metal running through it for reinforcement.

It adds silence to the running,it’s a long lasting material,it’s the same material they used on a holiday of some motorcycle. What’s the size of the opener? This unit is a half horsepower,it has the electric points for the two boobs. You get two light bulbs and you don’t have to put those on until you get it up,let that be the last thing we do.

What about safety concerns with garage doors these days? It is always a key factor in any appliance. What we’re going to do is that we’re going to mount electric eyes,we have one on each side,it’ll send a beam across the house,we need to pre-drill a hole,we’ll mount these electric eyes in place.

The electric eye is a sensing device,if there’s a child playing under the door or a dog napping,the door will not operate. That’s the standard for all garage door opener,I think it becomes more popular in most states. We’ll finish it,we’ll staple it in place. Is it easy for one person to install one of these? Let’s try it,you should have a gun in your hands too. What do you want to do? We have already done the first thing,I had a bracket,we need to get the garage door on the place they’re going to in play. You need to put that up.

Maybe he can help you. You’re going to climb up the ladder,you have to move a little bit,let me climb up there first with the pin. You’re going to insert that pin through those holes. You should back up a little bit. We will put a ring through the end of the pin so that we don’t worry about it sliding out of place.

What is the next thing? We need to keep that opening. You can grab this and lift it up,you can help him by lifting the door open to balance it. This isn’t heavy,it’s a 15 pounder. We’re lifting this door up so we can rest the garage door runner on the top and center it.

I better get up on the ladder,you can put the 2×4 central into that unit to see what will happen,you won’t damage the door as we move it. You don’t want to scratch your metal door,you have a nice new door,we’ve got these up here that you’ve left. When we put that up,it’s nice and easy for you to hang. This is a bolt,you need to put it through there.

We need to do it on both sides at the same time,you should be relax. I am going to put a little lock washer and our nut in there,that would be a perfect time for you to check whether a garage door is in the center of the door in the same area.

I am eyeballing it,the track is on the center of the door. I need to tighten the bolt. It’s a good place to hold,I am going to use the wrench to tighten it. This thing is good and tight,let’s get that connected to the door,we need to take the 2×4. That’s another one of these bolts. We need to do connect it down at the bottom,it’ll give us a smoother transition,it has a better sense.

You need to take that door down,this is loose. It comes down. It is very easy to do,I hadn’t taken this thing off the pin. You’re going to remove that pin,you’re going to put it through four holes.

It makes your pin back. The covers are there. Let me know when I can plug it in. Can you plug it in? You can go ahead and plug it in as soon as you’re finished with this. You’re going to put your lens covers over the top of that,that’s good,you need to get that lead out of the way.

This is the remote,you’re ready to go. It’s moving nice,it’s a nice smooth moving,the belt is working nice,it is quiet. It is the perfect installation. What about the safety features? We have those electric things in the bottom,we’ll keep the door open and walk through it,I have walked through it,it’s going to go back up. When it reaches its break point,the lights are going to flash.

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