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Description: This passage is mainly about gcu login. In this passage, the writer tells us how to upload documents to the faculty portal and what it looks like from a student’s point of view.

This is Rich Wall Coordinator of instructional technologies, this brief article tutorial will be on uploading documents to your faculty portal, and documents can be in this form a syllabus or any instructional materials such as power points, in this article tutorial, I will show you what it looks like from a student’s point of view.

They access their student portal and their ability to view the documents and download them for a quick review to get to your faculty portal from the main Mitchell page, you’ll click on faculty and staff, you’ll then click on the icon that says compass faculty portal login with your faculty portal username and password.

This will take you directly to your page called my classes page on the faculty portal, now a very important thing is that we begin the new semester to make sure that you are viewing the proper courses in order to do that, I would recommend that you go over to the area where it says settings by little gear.

Click on the settings and make sure that the current semester is shown within the academic year and session, if it is not, go ahead and select the appropriate academic year and session if needed and click OK, so we’re going to be working with the course that has been set up for me for the winter semester.

I’m going to show you how I’m going to upload a document in particular a syllabus, so a student can access it, to get started, what we’re going to do is that I’m going to click on my course that’s running, you’ll notice that I already have one student enrolled in the course to begin the upload process of a document.

In this case, it will be a syllabus, I’m going to click on the gradebook in the tabs above, and you’ll notice that in the gradebook, I have a choice of many different options, I’m going to go to click on the option that says add class document brought to a class document page, then I’m going to click on add new document.

Another dialog set of boxes are brought up for me, then I’ll want to click on browse, now I’ve already gone ahead and put a syllabus on my desktop, you can have it on your desktop, you can have it on a flash drive, wherever you have your document store will be fine, this is where you use the search to find the document.

In this particular case, I’ve already gone ahead and stored a document called FC 120 test syllabus, I’m going to click on a test syllabus document, once it loads a file name, then I’ll click on open and you notice that the file is uploaded, I can go ahead and give it a name, you don’t need a description, because when we publish this, the only thing will be listed and will be the name of the document.

When I have done with this process, then I come over and click on save, and now I also want to upload another document and this document will be a course requirement document, so I’ll do the same thing as I have done for the syllabus, click on browse and I have these documents on my desktop.

I’ll scroll down, I’ll look for the requirement document for the course, I’ll click on that document, you notice that it’s in the file name and click on open, and now I’ve uploaded a second document, and in this case, I’m going to call it the course requirements, when I have done with that process, I click Save.

So all I need to do now in my faculty portal is to upload documents, I would recommend that you click back on the home button in the upper left hand side, and it’ll take you back to your main pages or my classes page, now I’d like to take you through what it looks like from a student point of view.

When they access their online campus community, through the online campus community they get to the student portal and they enter your class from a student portal, in order to do that, I will go ahead and log in as a student, I happen to have a student ID and password that I’ll use, and once the student has logged into their online campus community page or it’s called OCC, they’ll come over here and click on the words compass student portal.

That takes them to their student portal, and in order to see their class information, they come up to where it says classes, and you notice that it is the exact same information as here, it’s at this location where students can click on any of the documents that you’ve uploaded.

In this case, you can see that we have our syllabus and the course requirements, as I have mentioned earlier, it can be a PowerPoint document, the student will need to come to the document and click on it, a familiar dialog box will open up, click on OK.

In this case, it is a word document and the word document launches, the students can go ahead and store this document on their desktop on a flash drive or upload it to their SkyDrive, if you have any further questions about how to upload documents to your faculty portal, please feel free to reach out to me, this is Rich Wall in the Duke head Center room 211, I can be contacted at 8606 296 157 or on email, it’s wall underscore at Mitchell edu.

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