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Description: This passage is mainly about gcu login. In this passage, the writer shows us a little bit about her life. The writer also shows us her online Classroom which makes her very excited.

This is Destiny Marie and today I want to make a date in my life, I will show you a little bit about my life and I want to share something exciting with you, we got Joe in high school in 2013 and I took a year off, I thought that I needed to take that time to find myself in the most cliche manner, that’s not so bad, but that year off was good for me.

I have enjoyed it and I think that I have learned a lot, maybe I haven’t learned if I am doing school college, but recently I send an application to Grand Canyon University through online and I am accepted, so now I am doing the summer program for Grand Canyon University and I’m so excited and happy to be back in school.

It seems that I have a fresh start and today I want to show you a little bit what I’ve been up to with my schooling, so let’s take a look, so I’m trying to show you as much as possible for it, being a computer screen, it probably has horrible quality, this is the main classroom, as you can see, it’s similar to a calendar and it shows the assignments that I need to do for the week.

We usually have an assignment due on Wednesday and Friday, that’s very normal and also two assignments due on Sunday, and the two assignments and the assignment due in the middle of the week are discussions, those are not very hard at all, in fact, most of those aren’t that hard, but the assignments tend to be a little bit more time-consuming than the discussions.

So that’s my teacher’s name, if I can find, it is Marty, she calls a week or two into school and I have tried pronouncing her last name, she doesn’t even worry about it, it’s like a bit soup, so first name is Marty, she says that that’s all matters, and I choose my progress down here, if I can scroll down, it shows the last three assignments that I have done and the grades that I have got.

I do these two discussions today here and they’re already graded, so that makes me happy and that’s the last assignment, I have finished it last Sunday, but it is due last Sunday, so as you can see, I’m doing well and considering how I used to do in high school, that is a hundred percent going on which makes me so happy, because I do not think that I will be that successful in college.

These are our forums that the teacher writes in here, and in order to get discussion points you either go in here, in order to get participation points for the week, you either go into the forums or you go into the discussions and you have to respond to two students four days a week, so these are eight posts for the whole week and that’s how you get your participation points as well as the points for the actual assignments.

So there is nothing too hard, I like it, I think it’s fun, you can see these tabs down here, we’ve got some announcements, she usually posts a new announcement at the beginning of each week and she posts announcements out, it doesn’t let me go there, here it is or she tells us when she’s not going to be in the office.

She spends a little bit of time not in the office, she probably gets other classes too, but considering I’ve only been in school for two weeks, she’s already been at office two times maybe three which isn’t so bad, I think that it is funny and we have some tasks here which are the afore UM’s, I haven’t done too much with these assignments in the quizzes.

I haven’t looked at those too much, because we haven’t had any quizzes, and it tells you the assignments in five different places, so I’ve had no reason to click on that, these are all of our resources, a lot of these are redundant, because you can find course material in the syllabus if you can see that.

So if I click on the syllabus, I will find everything instead of clicking on one spot, we have an elibrary which I think is very cool, it can find any resource that you need and it’ll be here, and if you don’t find a resource that you need in this library, they’ll connect you to another campus library or a different library and they’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

So they try as hard as they can to help you get a good grade, and it’s a class wall roster, it isn’t a very important class wall, it is relevant the first day, because they want you to write on it to let the teacher know that you are taking class that day and these are my grades, so far I have got a hundred percent for the entirety of last week, so that makes me so happy.

I could not get a hundred percent the week before, I was so closed, but apparently in college, if they give you a certain amount of words that you can write, you have to stick to that, if you write more words than that, they dock you seven points for that assignment, I am very sad, because in high school, if I ever went above the word count that they suggested, I was praised for it and not docked points for it.

So I think that the last 12 years of my schooling was pointless, that is about all that I want to show you, I hope you can at least see what’s going on, I know this doesn’t have a very good quality, but at least you can see a little bit of it.

So I hope you have a wonderful day, don’t forget that you can subscribe to my channel and you can like me on Facebook and you can follow me on twitter or Instagram, and I will see you later, love you all bye.

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