How To Submit An Assignment Through The Portal GCU Login

Description: This passage is mainly about gcu login. In this passage, the writer tells us how to submit an assignment through the portal. We need to know where inside the course we are going to click in order to submit this assignment.

Do you need to submit an assignment through the portal? I’ll show you how to do that, first is to click on the name of your course to go into your course, and from here, you need to know where inside the course you are going to click in order to submit this assignment, generally in this course menu in my case, it’s going to be in something called assignments, yours might be something different.

So talk to your instructor or your TA about where you’re clicking, so I’m going to click on assignments, mine is very simple, because I have one assignment, now what this link is called is going to be different depending on what your assignment is, so in my case, I’ve got essay 1, yours might be assignment 3 or it can be report or it can be anything, it should be the name.

Usually it’s the name of the assignment that you’re going to submit, so you will probably see some instructions in here and those will be different depending on the assignment as well, but the important thing here is that there’s a clickable title, so click through to the title and it brings you to this page.

So you’ll see some instructions and things, and then you’ve got these two big text boxes, both of which are completely not required, so they are optional, so the part that you probably are looking for is this attach file section and this is attaching a file in email, so you browse your computer, the window pops up and there’s my essay and there it is now.

If it is a part of your assignment, you need to submit multiple files, you can keep pushing that button and choose another file, that’s fine and it’ll keep attaching them, so you don’t need to use either of these, that’s all done, now the important part after this is that once you’ve attached the file or files, you need to attach it, click the submit button, your instructor will never see your essay.

If you do not click Submit, in spite of the fact there are other buttons here, that blue submit button is there, so I’m going to click Submit and now I’ve got this review submission history, if you don’t have anything under this, then the portal doesn’t think that you have submitted anything, so that’s something to watch for.

Here I can see those files that I have uploaded to, I can verify that, those are correct and I have done all of them, that’s great, now a few days later if suddenly you don’t remember doing this or you want to make sure that it’s the right file that you want to verify, because it’s due tomorrow, you can click on it again and it’s still there.

It’s going to remember this as long as you’re in the course, so you can always verify that, it’s there, so if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate, come into the library and ask and all the best of luck, I’m sure that you’re going to do that.

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