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A Review of Capital One Venture Credit Card at

Description: The article centers on a recommendation of a kind of capital one credit card from which we can get benifits and offer the service from online system, we may know some reasons why it is a good product to use and something about free credit tracking software.

I want to share with you about something that I use in my day to day life, so a few weeks ago, I talked about wealthfront, the investing tool that I use for myself and why there is a wonderful company and why a lot of people that are getting into the investing game should consider using them.

Today I want to share the credit card that I use with you and why I think it’s a good product to use. It is right for you, this is the credit card that I use, Capital One venture card now, I’m a credit union person, I support one, I do most of my banking with one eye, I love what they stand for and I think most people should be with the credit union, so why am I using a big bank credit card for a few reasons?

I’ve only used credit cards, I use my credit union card, I loved it, it was a simple 1 percent cash back card and paid it off in full every month, there were no annual fees, easy-breezy, I supported them, I loved it, but as I got older and I’ve understood personal finance more, I realized that there are better rewards cards.

My girlfriend and I started dating, it became quickly apparent that we were going to be doing a lot of traveling, far more than I’ve ever done in my life, so when we had a big trip coming up, we will go to Morocco, I had no clue international plane tickets cost, so when I found out how much a roundtrip ticket to Morocco, I was not expecting the price that I saw and I quickly realized that this is going to be expensive.

I started looking at travel rewards cards, after doing a lot of researches, I looked into the credit card, read the reviews and I decided to go for it, this is my experience with them.

I want to talk about free credit tracking software, this is nothing new,a lot of places do this, so I’m not going to say that. Capital One is the one that provides me this, I don’t have to pay for anything, I don’t have to hold my credit to know what the score is, they provide this to me and it’s a good feature to use, because while I don’t care about my credit score, it’s like an 850.

It provides me the score, I get to see any new trade lines that are open which shouldn’t be any, so we need to go back to that fraud thing, it provides me peace of mind, knowing if there’s anything, that’s new, that’s open in my name.

My credit card company is going to tell me about it, so I appreciate that, in general, it’s a good tool, you don’t want to have bad credit, I’ve already talked about the importance of it, this is a good tool to help you out with that, so those are the main reasons why I use them, it was convenient to get the card, the wonderful rewards program.

I like their app, I like the credit tracking, I can’t think of too many complaints to give now, I do want to pause here and say there are a few things that I think people should watch out for.

If they are considering this card, the first one is the fee. I haven’t had to pay a fee yet, because I haven’t been with them quite a full year, but the first year, there’s no annual fee going forward, there is a fee now.

I talk all the time about how you shouldn’t pay fees, don’t pay overdraft fees, don’t pay late, don’t pay credit card fees, I’m not a fee person, why am I voluntarily paying for some fees? The answer is simple, the horns and the benefits that I get from that card outweigh the fee that I pay each year.

If it pays for round-trip tickets that may cost hundreds of dollars, if not, thousands of dollars is far more beneficial than any, I’m going to pay $100 a year, so that fee is small compared to the wards.

Another thing to watch out for is interest. I have no clue what interest rate I have with Capital One, but it’s ridiculously high, why am I laughing about that? It doesn’t matter, because I don’t pay interest at all, if you don’t know, you need to watch a credit card video too.

In fact, I want you to help everyone, when it comes to financial responsibility, don’t let people pay interest, I want all of my viewers to be financially responsible, when it comes to loans, debts and interest and all that other stuff including this credit card, because there are a lot of people that get screwed over by these big credit card companies.

It doesn’t mean that you or I have to do so. All in all, that’s why you use the capital one venture card which is extremely simple to use. I like their services, if you are looking for a credit card, I would say that you should absolutely consider using them, if you can pay on time, pay your card off in full, you would get benefit from the airline miles.

I would consider this credit card, on the other hand, there are an infinite number of credit card choices, you don’t have to use this one.

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