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Episode 6 of Capital One Venture Card at Getmyoffers

Description: The article expresses the benefits we can get from the Capital One venture card, the offers we can be provided especially when we are traveling as well as the downside parts of the card if we use it.

I’m looking at the Capital One venture card, their new premier reward credit card, was it due? I should use my points on this charge, and then they’ll refund the money back to your cart in terms of earning, how does that work?

Every dollar you spend, you get two points, if you spend ten thousand dollars, you get 20,000 points, 20,000 makes two hundred dollars worth, so it’s like the schwab card, get two percent cashback, that’s reality.

If you travel around the USA, if you’re taking domestic flights, you want to redeem for those flights, so you spend ten thousand dollars, it might be a reasonable amount, someone would spend it in a year, then you have two hundred dollars back.

If you were to use a regular car at the American card or united card, we need 25,000 miles to get anywhere a flight in the US, so capital one card, you have free flight or about a free flight on united or continental or American card, you have 10,000, you have forty percent of a flight, so in that case, the capital one card beats out.

If you spend a lot and you travel in the US, the capital one card is for you, this is the right card for your lifestyle, the only downside of the card is the siyum, phonus is good, don’t get me wrong, you get 10,000 points which is 200 bucks worth, some of the other ones depending on how they’re used, potentially be better.

If you’re a big international traveler, united card is slightly better, because they give you thirty thousand miles which is about enough or fur which is a little bit more than free domestic flight, but if you’re only traveling in the US, the rewards become much more comparable.

If you travel in the US, you spend a reasonable amount on your card per year, the capital one card is no better car, most other cards you get about 1%, if you played the games, you get a little bit more than one percent on the capital one card, get two percent, every purchase all the time unlimited miles.

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