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A DAFM AIM Tutorial Video of The End Date of A Farm Software Provider at Portal. com

Description: In the following tutorial, we can see some information on how to end date association to a farm software provider, the article mainly focuses on some useful procedures about how to operate it.

In this tutorial, we will end date an association to a farm software provider. First we must log on to aim, enter your username to request the digits from your personal access code and your password. Then click log on the next screen, click animal identification on movements, your name and number will be shown on the top left of the screen on the main aim screen.

Click the option to interact with name using farm software providers to sign up end date forum software link, page will appear on screen, you will see the firm software provider that you are currently signed up to click the radio button for the software provider. You want to end date, then click the end date software provider button, you will be prompted that by clicking confirm.

You will end date the association to the software provider, click confirm on the following screen, you will receive a confirmation message that the association to the software provider, it has been hand ated from today things to note, only the herd keeper that has registered on agri-food can sign up and end date an association to a firm software provider.

Once you end date your association, the firm software provider will continue to receive or have access to your hair stroked account until midnight on the day of dating. If you choose to sign up to another farm software provider, you must wait until the day after em dating the previous association. If there is a change in ownership, you must end that association and wait until the next day to create a new link to the firm software provider.

If you have any issues in dating your association to a farm software provider, you should contact n division on 1505 8629 or by email on aim at agriculture govt I e.

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