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Great Lakes Wholesale Group Part 3 Drop Down Menu and Filters at Borrowing

Description: This is about Great Lakes wholesales group online shopping show. It teaches us how to use drop-down menu and search criteria to find the item which you would like to buy. It is comprehensive function which is great help for shopper.

Welcome to part 3 of our tutorial series operation of drop-down menus and use of search criteria another feature of the website found on the screen are the eight drop down menus.

There’s one for each category that we have here and within each of those category menus there are subcategories listed which you can see by hovering your mouse directly over each title. For each drop down menu depending on the size of your viewing screen, there may be more subcategories than what can be shown.

If you do not see the category you’re looking for, click directly on the category button which will then take you to another screen showing all subcategories. I know that not all of the subcategories for tools and hardware can be listed on the homepage screen, because we have so many of them.

I’m going to go ahead and click directly on this title that says tools and hardware and that will take you to a screen showing all subcategories and this is a cool feature. If you have something very specific, you’re looking for, you can navigate directly to that category or subcategory.

Let’s say camping and outdoors is what I want to shop for today. I’m going to go ahead and click on that and then you simply scroll down to reveal more items. Once you reach the bottom of this subcategory, you can go ahead and click on the continue button which will show the next subcategory.

While you are shopping, use your units arrows adds or deleted items from your cart. This is a method of shopping that will save you so much time. In the long run, you can also click wait in the box and use your numbers key pad to type in the exact number you’d like, and you’ll see it adjusts in real time on your cart balance here in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Another time-saving feature we’ve developed on our custom-built web site is the ability to search by filter. You can search using the criteria of whether item is closed out, new special or you can enter in a price point.

If I go ahead and click on new, it would have pulled up all of the new items, but it seems that we don’t have any in that category, so I’m going to see if anything is on special and it seems that we have one item on special here. It’s also close out so that would have shown up if I had also clicked the closeout button.

You can use these in combination together or on their own and you can be very specific about what you are looking for.

When using these price point sections, type the decimal into the box using your numbers keypad. Let’s say I want below 60 cents. Let’s see if there’s anything I enter. It’s not about pulling anything up. I want to use an example here, so I’m going to go ahead and put in one dollar.

I know we’ll have stuff for less than a dollar, I want a full bar. Our sign Center display again, you can see how that works. You have the option to delete that using your keypad or you can also go over here and click clear filters.

Once you do that, it should pull up everything again. That is in that particular sub category and you can keep scrolling along to the bottom. Click continue and you can look through the entire category of tools and hardware that way.

You can come back to the homepage screen at anytime. You can click on each category to get to this page where you can see each of its subcategories and on one more side note.

I am going to see if I can also pull up something specific again. I will show you there are two price points, you will get the lower of those two price points. Here you can see there are two prices listed here for this particular item. We can see that this item is on special and it is also a closeout, so that is the special price that you will be getting and this here on the left side is the original price, so that’s one more helpful thing to keep in mind as you shop with us.

This concludes part three of our tutorial series here at Great Lakes wholesale group. We are eager to provide you with the best service. If you have any further questions about how the website works, please call us directly at 6-1 6-2 6-1 93 93. Thank you for reading it.

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