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Great Lakes Wholesale Group Part One How to Login to and Register

Description: This is introduction of Great Lake Wholesales Group. It is an online sales introduction, it is about how to do registration on the company’s web site. It gives details of the process on how to make a registration on Great Lakes Wholesale Group.

Welcome to our video tutorial series here in part 1. We will be discussing registration. We are on the homepage screen of GL, whole sale com, welcome back to cover the various features found here. But it’s handy to remember that if you ever need to return to the homepage screen, you can do so by clicking on our logo in the upper left hand corner or by clicking on this button titled home.

If you follow the movement of my mouse, you’ll see I am hovering over two buttons login and register. Once you have registered an email and password, you can click login to view prices and begin building your order.

If you have not registered by providing an email and password, simply click the button register. You will first be guided to a page notifying you of information about the site and your accessed as a member to begin registration.

Click the blue button on the right hand side of the screen labeled, you will need to fill in your information. Click in each box to begin typing. When you have filled in all fields, click on the blue button in the right-hand corner labeled register.

Read the following registration page, then check your personal email inbox for an activation email from us. If you don’t see one, make sure to check your junk email inbox. The email will guide you through activating your account well. That’s all for part one. Thanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us.

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