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How to Create Loan Management Systems with Excel VBA Full Tutorial on Greatlakes Borrowing Login

Description: The following passage mainly concentrates on the topic which is about greatlakes borrowing login. We will be introduced the loan management system by being shown the detailed information on how to create loan management systems with excel VBA and the steps to use it.

This is loan management system I developed earlier in their Excel VBA. Let me show you how to use it. The full name is Paul Peters and the address is Daytown Road and choose current account as you want.

I want to borrow six figures and interest rate is about 15 percent and number of payments will be paying out approximately for ninety six months. We can’t enter anything here, because this is a label.

Click at the loan calculator. That is monthly payment, total number of months, interest rates and so on. What I would do now is to take you reach Excel VBA. That’s going to excel now.

To start with, if you don’t have your developer up there, select options and click on customize ribbon, then you will have your developer tool. Make sure it’s checked. Click on OK.

When the Develop Tool is visible, select it. You will see your visual basic icon idea. Click on visual basic. This is the Excel visual VBA develop material. Select the insert and click on user form. Now you have your form in place. I’ll change the form to 1020 day. That’s the width.

The next thing I will do is to select the following frame. I’m going to need four of those and bring it down. Copy it and reduce the size of this. I need one of those, so let’s copy this. I have all my frames in place.

All of my frames are positioned. I will select it all. I click on the property and select. Make sure all category are selected. Select the other top of method and delete all of the caption. They all disappear.

Let’s change back now. Make it a little bit darker. You can see all of the frames are more pronounced. We need great tools together to on board the native label here. I’m going to need labels. Hold and control and copy across them.

There are four loops here. There is one more. I need a flexbox square and a text box here. Then I need 6 text boxes. I also need a song here. Let’s change that and copy it. There are three and I need a little one.

We need some buttons here. The title right-click on that and change the property. Let’s enter bloom management systems. Come to the font and chain the font to some channel larger, so it can be the title. Now you can see how it looks like. I prefer this one to be a drop-down list. You can always select the type of account.

Go to choose and select the combo box. Double click on the form and go to form in Asia wise. Let’s call it CB Account Type. Double-click on the form and initialize is CB Account Type.Text = “Select Account Type”.

The following account to display is CB Account Type.AddItem (“Current Account”). Next is Saving Account. Then is Deposit Account. This is called Joint Account. That’s fine. If I run it, you can select whatever type of accounts you wanted.

Next thing is to change font size to something readable. 18 is well. Run it and check it out. 18 isn’t bad. Let’s select all of these. The next thing we want to do is to start with the cording.

Double-click on the exits and change to end. Let’s check out the reset button. We need fill with CB Account Type.Text = “Select Account Type” txtName.Text=”” txtAddress.Text=”” txtDeposit.Text=”” txtWithdraw.Text=””. I have the names of all of the components.

The last one here is the labor, so that will be dot caption. Here we have exit and we copy those for them, for those manuals. Finally we need to take care of the code in yourself.

Double click on calculate. Before I’ll continue to be on calculator, think and declare the following variable, start by stating option which is explicit now, the next declaration felt the peroration.

Let’s go for payments where is declared at us, double now, we also need to declare as follows, we need monthly payments, we’ll need number of payment, maybe one more now.

What else do we have interest rate? They’re all my variables which are in a good place for abusing. I think I can meet some more variables jealous wife alone, not past double to swap, then I need every month is going to be a single.

Can you double that? So we don’t need to double click on this to calculate ourselves our loan calculator, double click on it and we enter the following, so we want it to be as follows.

So they’ll be payment, payment equals Liang PLUS loan multiplied, my interest divided by 100 equals, the total payment, so the total payment you have to solve that so monthly payments total payment, we appear here monthly payments.

Let’s go to the company, this is the monthly payment, it’s monthly payments, so let’s get the name, two payments, I’ll be able to pick some coconut comrade piss that in there dots caption equals monthly payments, a pistol one day, so that is the monthly payment.

If I run it, let’s limit. I run a system here, enter amount of lon the sale of six figures and the rate happens to be nine and here number of months less before me, we can’t use the Internet, it’s a labor of food.

Click on calculate as final word, the arrow is zero, payment is zero, because we don’t know where the loan is, let’s take care of that, we need a name on base spare the property out, because it’s good, come back in a loan equals, that’s dot text.

Let’s make it by value, we’ve got that sorted, then we also need interest rate, interest rate is there. The third one is here, we need a loved ones, what is the name of month? Number of payments, number of units, number of payment since I’ve called it, I’ll leave it as month number of payments.

Don’t text and click close ads, they’ll be like value swamp, so these lines of code, let’s run it again and see the free enter, Walla Valley wants to take out there and let’s say the rate is 12% and the number of payment is good for 60.

Click on calculate, that is farm, so we need to know which means everyone joined them, it could be one thousand six hundred and thirty six pounds 27 P, so we’ll need 23, pay with each other format, these two decimal places and the receipt.

All of the information here should command over six, so let’s take care of deaths before we continue, I think his adviser who I saved this project fun save, so make sure your change is safe, type out chamber to enable macro, I pull it Excel underscore VBA and soup.

Before I continue with the receipt, my base says LBL monster copied Kiku’s for pants, we’re going to drive her to the vehicle mums calm heart and bb/d decimal place that I want.

I wanted you to try interval about normal 10 and the rate happens to be less before 17.5 and months later 72 months plate and assets were able to format that to two decimal place, so that’s fine, maybe I should even enter pound, sign here end of the day.

So let’s do that as well, see that we make it look much better, so that’s supposed to be that popular dance and paste it one dimension through I’ll be the last one, I’ll take effect, let’s see you wouldn’t try in rates 12% and months 68 and check their aunts, that’s fine, but we don’t want this, a rusty hub, that’s there changes to ten three pins.

I run it fine, that’s fine, I’m much better now, the next thing I want to do is to be able to enter one two three four right in here and all of the information in here today, so let’s say savings account, let’s do that, let’s double click on, you learn populating game.

I’m there, so we now need the receipt, so does the receipt, those are the lines of code for the receipts, order a couple of information missing on the receipt, so if I run it, look at it.

If I run it and enter the following information, that’s about 30 percent and maybe transform, once click on on internet in year versus a list box, click on it, as you can see, I want you to be more to high, so that’s not allowed.

Let’s go back and get our sorted exit, I’ll select this, click on selected property and come to the category there with me, look at it, as you can see, it doesn’t multi-line, let’s change that to true, run the program again and travel the data.

I intend to enter there, you want ice core for 12 months, but I need some of these there as well, so let’s do that, let’s copy this and cast light underneath here, let this be mine, learn management, I’ll be heading system for the receipts, get rid of these and the character Thunder.

We need to be able to insert customized name as freely and we need to change these to name, so one other thing that I need to do this increases this font size, a blog has talked to the phones here and make it a bit readable school horrible creating.

So let’s run the program now, so the sale goes for six figures there and interest rates eight months of payments as saying ten days, 72 months. I think this might be too big.

We should reduce it down in here, let’s give that a shot game, we change the fonts, before about 312, it is ready to be Antonia sue Miss Sally address, let’s go for telling rude Nutan, the account time, they are the savings withdraw now, because she has a draft, I will now learn six figures rate at the rate of 12%, number of payment required.

Let’s go to maybe 72 chamber out a day, you have Sally more cards amount of loan interest rate, we should have a representative number of payment to be made 72 and monthly payment.

So let’s see I could have presented a back in the code, I’m there, interest rate here, somewhere here unless it closed and percentage, that should do it, run the system again and top an interest rate of fifteen percent payment, ninety six months, check that out.

We now have the sense number of Mont monthly paper and that is the amount, that is being borrowed, so with that, I’m going to call it the end of this tutorial, hopefully, you enjoy it with your loving eyes.

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