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How to Get HBO, Showtime, Starz without a Cable Subscription

The days are gone that you have to get HBO Showtime and Stars through your cable provider. I’m going to show you three different ways that you can get these great services without having to pay the extra cost. We all grew up with these pay channels, HBO, Stars and Showtime. We knew that they were around.

They had some great movies, they had some great TV shows, even today Game of Thrones. You have ballers, and you have silicon valley, Ray Donovan, ash versus evil debt and you want to watch these shows. You want to watch these original movies, but you know you don’t want to pay that cable price, just to get the second tier.

So you can get all these great channels. Now you don’t have to get these through the over-the-top television. It means that I’m going to show you different ways to do that, but using HBO, Showtime and Stars. Now, there’s other services and more coming out every single day.

As we continue on, you’ll be able to get all these options. I’ll put the costs at the bottom of the screen for each one. As time goes by, that might change. But this is how much it costs at the present time, they also offer free trial, so you can get at least seven days to check out a channel and binge and watch one of your favorite shows, before you decide to pay the monthly fee.

We’re going to start with HBO go, but I’m using my fire TV for this. You could also use your Roku, you can also use any type of Android device, Apple TV, your Xbox, you can subscribe through all of these channels, and they all have ways to do cross platforming.

Let’s start with HBO. I know that gets a little bit confusing, but their streaming service that you can pay for, it’s called HBO. Now you got some great shows, Game of Thrones. One of the top shows out there at the present time, you’ve got Silicon Valley, you’ve got last night with John Oliver, you got classic shows like oz that you can watch and through their whole catalog.

And they’ve got some of the best movies out there as well. How I did this is I got it through the app, I used one of the providers actually used Amazon to pay for it. Now the services like Amazon, Roku Apple, Google and Microsoft. For the Xbox, they are all considered cable providers.

I’m using my Amazon Prime membership to pay for this channel, so once I did that, I then went to the website and I signed in, and I gave the registration code and then it gave me full access, so I can watch anywhere. So this is the app that is on the Amazon fire TV.

The Roku is slightly different, but it’s very navigational for Showtime. I did something a little bit different, I actually went through the Hulu app. Now Hulu has a contract with Showtime and where you can get that as an add-on to Hulu for an additional $8.99, along with the ad free.

I can watch all my show time through Hulu for about $20 a month, you can get some great shows like homeland, ray Donovan billions and so much more. So all you have to do is to go down inside of your Hulu, you’ll see the Showtime as area. It will also integrate into your Hulu like your watch lists and movies to watch and stuff like that.

And you’ll be able to go to the page and watch some of the great movies TV shows that they’ve come out with on Showtime. And some of the classics too, like Nurse Jackie and Dexter, the Third Way stars, integrates a little bit differently.

This integrates with my Amazon account and you could actually get Showtime to do this too. And I can watch this on Amazon, on my computer through my Roku. It’s going to be through the Amazon app.

What you need to do is to go through your Amazon, we got the Amazon fire. Here you go down until you see these stars featured subscription, and then you can check out all the TV shows and movies. You can watch some great TV shows like ash vs. Evil Dead Spartacus and power 50 Cent’s TV show power, and some great movies right now.

They have Avengers, they have inside out, they have Monsters Inc. And these movies go back and forth between all those pay channels. So you’ll see on Stars next month and you’ll see on HBO in six months. That’s how it basically works, and you also see it on things like Netflix and Hulu, and all those others.

So that is how you can get three of your premium channels without having to get a cable subscription, and using the over-the-top television method to get them. And the best part is that you’re probably going to be saving yourself some money, you can save about 30 40 dollars a month.

If you get all of these premium subscriptions, maybe you’ll get one. What do you use to watch your TV shows and movies? What are your favorite TV shows and movies out there?

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