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AncestryDNA Complete Process and Results at Activate. Com

Kitancestry DNA had a sale or had a sale recently, so they only took ten percent off. Nonetheless, it was more than enough for me to say I want to try this product. I already had a test done by 23, but I wanted to give ancestry DNA a try.

The box is open, and we will take a look at what’s inside. It’s a little welcome letter to ancestry DNA, welcome activate kid gather DNA sample, which is simple and easy. Inside the little booklet, it just gives you some instructions for activating and collecting your sample. It is a neat little collection bag and I’m going to have to return it.

So it has little tubes in it. Whenever I make my sample collection, I put it in and free post it back to the end –such three people. The little note just reminds me to activate my kid.

That is all about the ancestry DNA kit. I’m sure you can visit to get your own kit. I bought it and have got my own Good Morning Erica Swarthy DZ. It’s sample collection time. I am about to open it all and show you how this process works.

I went online and I activated my account. Then I fill the tube with saliva—the black wavy line. I’m not going to show you spitting, which I’ll show you afterwards. It didn’t take long at all to took the cap off. I have to replace this cap with the funnel, so I took that off after and used it for my sample collection.

The instructions say Replace the Funnel with the Cap, which I shall follow. Next, I have to tighten it to release the fluid. It says Shake the Tube for At Least 5 Seconds, the solution is Mix in with the Saliva.

It reminds me to place the tube in the collection bag.It seems like they needed a little more saliva for their test at the time, you can check out my older video on that or check out my DNA playlist.

I felt like I took 20 minutes for all the steps. The collection tube is smaller. It took me about 2 to 3 minutes to fill it. I am going to put it into this collection bag.

My sample has been sealed in this collection. I’m going to use the box that they gave us to mail it off. It is my ancestry DNA results on one of the main pages.

When you open up your account and click on the DNA tab, it has an ethnicity estimate. As you see, I’m 25% Cameroon Congo, 18% Ivory Coast, Ghana 14% been in Togo, so those are my highest percentages. I had to block out the DNA matches on the right-handed side for privacy because I don’t have permission to show their faces.

These are some of the matches that I had in my account. With the Cameroon, Ivory, Coast Benin, Togo, Senegal, Nigeria and Mali on it, it shows you a map of the areas that are found.

It’s a hunter-gatherer. In comparison to 23 and Me, I think I enjoy the fact that my African results were broken down a more into some more details. I do appreciate that and when you click on the different regions, it’ll show you more information and some history. Thanks for reading.

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