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AncestryDNA Test at Activate. Com

I have decided to do a review on ancestry DNA kit. I purchased three of them, one for myself and two more for other family members. I called them first to find out, because I wanted to link all three tests results to my account, which I was allowed to.

For instance, if you want to do a test on your grandfather or your grandmother or great aunt or mom or dad, you can do whatever you want to do in your family tree. Then, link it to them on the family tree and that way you have a broad spectrum of background DNA information for yourself and your family.

Basically, this is what it looks like and inside. We have your information booklet, as well as a little packet for your sample to be sent in. It also comes with the actual tube that you spit in to send in your sample. Finally, they also send you a nice little package for you to send your sample in, so they can test it in their labs and get back to it.

Once you send it in, it takes about six to eight weeks for you to get your results, which is what I’ve been told. Let’s start reading, which says welcome to ancestry DNA. Step one is activate kit online, which says do not skip the step. You cannot get your result unless you activate your test on ancestry DNA. com forward slash activate.

If you don’t have an account, which is easy and free and they’ll help you set it up. If you need to, I guess you can call them. I’ve already done that, which was simple enough. I have an account with where you put in the information. There’s a 15 digit code, namely the activation code on the test itself.

Once you put that information in, it poses a couple of different questions, such as who is the test being taking on, the name of the person. It also helps you link it to the person on your family tree and to your family tree obviously. Let’s see what the next step is, so you need activate it first. It was really simple to get it activated.

In addition, it says this code links your sample to you and is the only way that we can identify your sample. Without it, you can get your results. Therefore, you must activate it before you do the test. If you’re going to do it with a family member, I suggest you open the box first, get the number and activate it. Then you should go to their house and do the test or mail it to them so as to let them know how to do it.

I’ll see more now in the details. It gathers the DNA. Step 1, do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before having your saliva sample. It also says you’re going to fill the tube with saliva to the black wavy line. The black wavy line is here.

It is what you have to do. I managed to fill up a bit up to the line little pass, maybe a little bit couple of bubbles. It says we need replace the funnel with the cap, remove the funnel from the tube and unscrew it. There’s a little cap that came in that same package.

Screw the enclosed cap tightly to release the solution that will stabilize the DNA in your saliva, so we will screw this in tightly. There’s some blue liquid that just comes down saying tighten to release stabilizing fluid. You will know it works, when the blue solution from the cap has emptied into the tube.

All the blue liquids has gone calm down into the saliva. It says shake the tube for at least five seconds, which will ensure your sample mixes thoroughly with the stabilizing solution, so our lab can best process your sample. Place the tube in the collecting bag or collection bag. Place the sample inside the collection bag provided in your DNA kit. Seal the bag with the adhesive strip that would be this bag as a little gauze.

In case of some spillage that sealed Miller sample in the prepaid mailing box, seal the box with the adhesive strip and mail it in. we’ll try and fold this over to get the adhesive strip off one cent off. We are ready to send it out. So it’s already prepaid postage owner.

Within six to eight weeks, I guess we’ll get an email. What it says is unknown yet. When your results are ready, we’ll contact you at the email address associated with account. After that, you’ll be able to access your personalized results any time at We have to wait for six to eight weeks and see what happens. Thanks for reading.

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