How to Watch Free Live TV and Some Premium Channels at Fxnetworks Activate. Com

It’s pretty obvious that you enjoy watching videos about the fire stick and Cody because at the time of this recording, the last one I did where I showed you how to install Cody onto the fire stick has over 186 thousand views, which is crazy and I definitely have to thank you all for that support.

And I want to make more videos about something you want to watch and learn, one of which has been highly requested by a lot of people is how to watch live TV. So I’m going to show you how to watch free live TV and some premium channels as well. Although this method does work, I need to tell you it is not a hundred percent perfect.

But as long as you have that understanding, this shall give you a really good experience. So let’s go ahead and turn on your TV, get the fire stick started and we will go from there. So this is the fire stick home menu, if you are still confused about what we are doing here, be sure to watch my latest video on how to install Kodi onto the fire stick, and that will get you exactly the point of this video.

So we’re all on the same page, the first thing you need to do is to go ahead and launch Kodi. And once you’re inside Kodi, move over to the right, go to system file manager, then you want to add source and it says none, that’s where you need to click that and enter in this URL, that’s HTTP colon double slash Goodfellas team.com repository.

Now make sure you type this in exactly as shown, otherwise it’s not going to work, and if you need all the information that I go over in this video, you can go to check the description.

Once you have this URL, type it in, go ahead and select done next go to repository. I’m going to rename it as Goodfellas, click done and select OK. Now you can go back and select system, then go to add-ons and select install from zip file.

Choose Goodfellas, select repository Goodfellas and on the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you wait until it says enabled and there you go. And once you see that, it’s been enabled, you go back to where it says install from repository, select that, select Goodfellas, you go to video add-ons, select Goodfellows 2.0 and you can go ahead and just install. And you can wait for this to download and install onto your kodi build.

So now you can see it’s installed and enabled, you can go back to the kodi home screen and to enter into this add-on, just move to the left, where it says videos, go down and select add-ons. And from here, you could go down and select Goodfellas 2.0 and here’s the interface for Goodfellas.

You’re going to see a few different options, you can have search channels, free TV channels, news channels like sports events, movies, TV shows. Basically, you could go ahead and just check out whatever options they have. Now the main thing that everyone’s been asking for is live TV, so select free TV channels, click that and you’re going to get an option for US, UK or Canadian channels.

You can also select news channels or sports channels, but let’s go into US, UK, Canadian channels, I’m going to select USA channels and this is going to bring up all the channels that are available with this add-on. I mean you can see there are quite a few channels which you could choose from, I’m not going to go through all of them, and I will show you just a few.

Like I mentioned in the introduction of this video, you have to know the channels don’t work sometimes, so don’t be disappointed if they don’t work, just wait a couple of hours and they will be back up.

So let’s start with one of the channels from the top, you can select what you want to watch or they will give you an option sometimes, if they have multiple sources, let’s go with the first one. I’m glad to show some of the channels which will require additional add-on.

One of the common add-ons that you need to install is the F for M tester. If you’re watching sports, you need to install sports double. So if it pops up, telling you that you need to install this feature, just go ahead and select yes, it’s going to download that add-on. And everything’s going to work.

After downloading that add-on, the streaming live is working. So I’m going to stop it right now and I’ll go back to the list of channels to try out another one. Let’s do HG TV. This one works perfectly, so I’m going to try a sports channel, NFL Network. It will be added if you select a new source. This one is a little laggy, but it is still working, so this is a perfect example to show you, as you can see, it is starting to stream pretty good now, what I want to make you be aware of is that sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Let’s go ahead and stop this.

Luckily, all the ones I showed you today seem to be working. Let’s try to find one that does not work, let’s try HBO. So as you can see, nothing pops up, it shows it is working, but it isn’t. So it is down now, but it doesn’t mean it’s down for good, just wait a few minutes, maybe a couple of hours and it should back up.

Let’s try one more, let’s try Fox Sports, so that’s working. Basically, we had good luck tonight when I was filming this video. Like I said, this does work, let’s just go back all the way to the home page. We are almost done.

You can see what channels they have available for you, I’m not going to go through that right now, but you do have a lot of choices here. So, that’s how you watch free live TV on Cody. Like I have mentioned at the beginning, this is the best option I have found. If you have other suggestions on something better, let me know.

I hope this video is going to answer all the questions about how to watch live TV, thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the next one.

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