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Description: The article shows us something about getmyoffer-capitalone which mainly introduces the Credit Karma. The credit report is important which shows your credit usage, your payment history, your derogatory marks of the age, your credit history, total accounts and hard inquiries.

Today I want to give my review on Credit card was the credit report company. I recommend to all my clients to go to check their transunion and equifax credit reports. I’m writing this passage to give a brief walkthrough on the tools and resources they offer.

I’ve been using them for about three to four years and my experience has been very good. I hope you enjoy this and hope you sign up with them today.

On the home page it gives you your credit scores from both agencies transunion and equifax. It also gives you a quick summary of your credit which is in excellent condition for me. It also shows you active accounts, your auto loans and your tax information as well.

Credit Karma is now allowing people to file their taxes using their website. That’s cool. All your information is in one place. They also give you like credit card recommendations. Today they’re recommending the city double cash card and they give you an approval.

I will get summary stating that you have a good chance of getting this card or you have a terrible chance of getting this card. Now it’s saying you have a very good chance. If I want to apply for this card. I’ll get approved for it based on my credit factors that they’ve gathered.

Moving on to more into the score details, you can go into either your transgene or your Equifax. I’m under the TransUnion tab and it gives you a graph. The graph keeps you on track to let you know if you’re going upward or if you’re going downward. That’s a good way to keep tabs on if you’re making progress or not.

Another thing that’s cool is that it gives you a quick summary at the bottom showing your credit usage, your payment history, your derogatory marks of the age, your credit history, total accounts and hard inquiries.

I am using 1% of my credit cards. I’ve paid all my bills on time and they’re basically in the green that means that you’re good. When you see yellow that means that you’re okay and when you see red that means you’re doing terrible.

I’m doing terrible in regards to my credit age. What that says is the average amount of time that you’ve had open lines of credit. Based on all my accounts that I have it’s saying that I’m a virgin two years and four months which is terrible.

You can go into the details to get a little bit more information to see how many years is good. It says five to six years is okay and over seven years is excellent. That’s my goal. My goal is to constantly build my credit history, to leave open old accounts and try not to apply for new cards as well.

Because every time that you apply for new cards that’s counted into the average. If I go today and apply for ten different cards, that would significantly reduce my credit age.

Another thing that’s cool is that it gives you recommendations. It gives you certain card recommendations and certain loan recommendations. But they’re basically analyzing your data trying to find out what’s best for you.

Another cool thing is that it gives you access to credit card reviews. If you’re iffy on a card like the Wells Fargo one, you can look at the review. It’s averaging 2.5 stars. It has 67 reviews and in cassia gives you a quick summary of the benefits.

If you were to sign for that card and then it also gives you some auto insurance suggestions. My Altima is good. That’s an old car that I had. They’ve basically ran my data and found all the cars that I’ve had. This is amazing.

This is my first time seeing this. They show you all your cars. If there are any recalls in your car, you have better insurance rates for you. That’s cool. My auto insurance score is 8:55 out of 950 which is good.

It’s also telling me to check my insurance options. I have the chance of saving 20%. A few other resources they have are identity monitoring, unclaimed money and credit score simulator. You have basically all the information that you need in one place to keep yourself on a financially healthy track.

That’s awesome as well. I’m going to try one of these things. I’m going to try the credit score simulator. I were to get a new loan today. It was a auto loan. It’ll reduce my credit a few points but not that much. Getting a new car will not help my credit.

For those people that say that you have to get loans and all that debt, that is totally false. You do not have to get a car loan to raise your credit score. If anything lowers it and you don’t want to eat it. What I preach is that don’t go into debt.

Pay cash for your cars if you can. Try to use debt in a strategic way not in a consumer way. I can’t tell you too much information because this is my private information. But I want to show you the website and walk you through to show you that I am using it and what my experience has been.

It’s been very good and I highly recommend them for you to get started. If you haven’t checked your credit report yet this would be a good place to start. If you’ve already have access to places like free credit port com or maybe your credit card company offers you a credit summary this is  better.

Because I also have the ability to check my credit score like my other credit cards. But it doesn’t give me this complete walk down view of it. It doesn’t give me a full picture like this does.

I’m loving the engagement. Personal finances seem like a boring topic but this is very important stuff. Finance is the number one cause of divorce, stress and depression. If you put an effort to get your finances together, make sure that’s squared away. Your life will be so much better. Having a secure finance will make you happy. Thanks for reading.

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