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The Experience of Working for BrightStar Care at Mabs Brightstarcare. Com

Working for BrightStar Care The CNA Perspective

I have been a bright star member for about a year and a half, I assist the clients with their daily activities that can range from bathing personal hygiene, taking their pulses temperatures and blood pressures, getting them off for exercise and preparing meals, cleaning around the house and things like that.

We eat breakfast and I do occupational physical therapy with them. What I like about bright star is that I saw Shelley on Undercover Boss and I’m a fan of that, she got into the business and needed someone to take care of her loved ones.

I felt that she has the compassion for this line of work as I do. I put myself in everyone’s shoes and try to do the best as I can to make them as comfortable as possible. The best part of working is the staff, I can call in and if I can’t make something or if I need a day off, I can get a day off. And when I come to the office, everybody who comes in and welcomes me and is excited to see me and it’s just such a family orientated place to come into and I feel like I’m working with the family on a daily basis.

And the education that bright star provides for its employees, I think it’s very great because it helps you learn each diagnosis much better, whichever the diagnosis the client may have. I find that bright star is more in tune and more in touch, while other agencies aren’t, but not only Shelly—the CEO of the company, but the nurses and the staff that I deal with on a daily basis.

What they have enough over the clients is that they have and being able to fit that caregiver with that particular client. The tag line, making more possible means to make more possible things happen for other people, for others who we are giving the care, maybe we give them more possibilities, maybe by us being there, helping them out to allow them or even the families to do more.

Clients can trust us, because they know that we are taking good care of them and they find they can go shopping, or go out and do stuff that they are not normally able to do. So we are able to make Morgan’s possibility for, not just the patient, but the families as well. What warms me most is to give more than I got and my passion of being able to help people.

I’m a cancer survivor myself so I know it is important to keep a person’s spirits up. I found it is a great company because a lot of people who work for it are very compassionate and caring people.

And they know they would work very well. But many of them are newborns and little young kids and it’s so easy for them to work on your schedule. Bright star really looks after their employees and and they don’t only give their wonderful love and care to their clients but their employees as well.

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