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The Reasons of Building BrightStar Care at Mabs Brightstarcare. Com

BrightStar: How We Shine

At bright star, we know how overwhelming the responsibility of caring for a family member can be. In fact, it’s why bright star was formed when the grandmother of bright star co-founders Shelley and JD’s sons became ill. They were unable to find a company that could provide truly caring and trustworthy caregivers, reliable round-the-clock customer service and the full range of medical and non-medical services their grandmothers needed.

Recognizing the real need for this type of provider, they created bright star, not long after doing, the sons faced similar challenge when their twin sons were born prematurely. Their experience of spending weeks in the NICU inspired the sons also add child care to the bright star mix. Since then, it’s been bright stars, driven by the passion to provide families with the highest quality care for loved ones of all ages.

Along with an unmatched level of customer service and the need for bright star will only continue to grow, within 10 years more than 54 million people in the US will be 65 or older, that’s almost 16 percent of the population. And AARP research shows that 90% of people want to grow old in their own home and community, to answer the call bright star is expanding its reach across the nation and around the world.

Our mission is simple to provide compassionate care and exceptional service to those who need more comfort, more support and more peace of mind. Professional service means delivering the highest level of care and value for our clients including arriving on time, so clients are never left alone and they can count on what we say and do.

We believe in our clients in the same way, we would treat someone like our own family member, from families to individuals at every stage of life, from children to seniors, at home or in hospitals, in long-term care facilities. And brighter star brings these same standards and quality to staffing solutions. Our qualified and compassionate care professionals are available for temporary temper or permanent placement, in all types of facilities.

The level of care we provide is also unmatched with 24/7 Live Support over the phone, our team can be reached at any time. We also provide experienced medical oversight, including supervisory visits by RNs or directors of Nursing, who can ensure that a comprehensive plan of care is being followed and we actively engage our clients and their interests and activities to ensure they’re living their best lives, not merely passing time.

Finally, we provide peace of mind by carefully screening our care givers, and we select dependable and truly caring people, who we know will bring more to the lives of those that they care for. Then we carefully match these special caregivers with our clients, using our proven guaranteed compatibility system, and we offer 24/7 customer service and support, so clients can check on their loved ones at any time, any place at bright star. We help families care for the ones they love from parents caring for children with special needs to adult, children, assisting aging parents. It’s more than just our work, it’s our passion, and it’s who we are. It’s what we do and it’s how we shine bright star.

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