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A Review of My New Navy Uniform at Portal. Com

Description: This is a comprehensive introduction on the new camouflage uniform which has been release recently, from the materials to the feeling of the cloth.

Recently I’ve been asking about the new camis and what I thought about the new camouflage uniform that came this year, I want to say that this is not new, this is just going to be new for the entire Navy community, whereas before this was a normal thing for people like seals and Seabees, because it was just authorized to them in expeditionary commands some other stuff, but I just want to say that now this is out for certain regions and people.

Before some people are curious why don’t we have the new green uniform and this is a educational point, anytime there is a uniform rollout, it doesn’t just go mass to the entire population of the Navy because logistically that would be a nightmare and it’s easier to adapt one part at a time.

So I’m lucky that we were the first rollout shop for this and there were no issues with getting the uniform, obviously there are delays with tailoring because there’s a huge influx of people wanting the new uniform.

This is my second uniform change since I’ve been in the army, the first was the dungarees, then the NW type and now we’re on the type 3, I want to say if you already have the type 1 in your boot camp, don’t worry about buying this until you are going to get the money, because you’re probably not going to want to drop a couple of hundred dollars, it’s pricey. I spent three hundred bucks because I bought new boots, but if you want to keep your old NW type, the black leather boots, you can do that, and if you’re in a boot camp, you’re going to be receiving this new uniform.

Let’s go through this from the top to the bottom, if you’re already in the Navy, you’re going to know this, you have what is called battledress and that affects you, when you’re in a battle situation, here you have buttons that go all the way to the top, you would button at that point and that’s how you did it, you can see here that the collar is much thicker, it’s about probably about two inches and width of about an inch and a half, but it’s different on the new one.

The new one has a much smaller collar which is hard to keep down sometimes. I noticed that the other thing is with battle dress, you’re going to have velcro which is going to come across the top of your neck, but with this new one, you’re not going to button it anymore so that is something to consider, you will have some buttons, but it’s not going to be the same as the old one.

I do like the color, it feels a little more thick and militant in this area which is better, the materials is good, and there are flags on both sides of the shoulders. These are optional things, you can have them on or just let them be, but I don’t like the naked look of velcro, I don’t think it looks very nice, I think it looks better if you put them on, plus you have to represent the flag, but that’s just my opinion.

This is your US Navy name tape and where you put on rank insignia, I do want to say that this uniform feels like the top fits, it is better than any others, it doesn’t squeeze my torso as much as the old one did.

Now we’re going to move on to my favorite part of this entire uniform, the pants, I’m that person who likes to buy a good pair of jeans. The old one here had the button and then it had a zipper, the design is not too bad, but for some reason, I felt the elastic squeezed my waist tightly and the whole uniform was good except this.

There are a ton of belt loops on this one in comparison to the new one, that doesn’t matter too much as a regular daily wear but when you’re in boot camp and you have to make sure everyone of them, this would cause more issues, however there are much fewer belt loops on the new one.

These pants are great because the elastic works very well, it fits but doesn’t feel like it’s squeezing my waist. Then it’s buttoned up to the crotch, I really enjoy the buttons rather than a zipper,  the old one has some designing issues, the buttons kept falling off but for a brand new uniform, this is rolled out. The pocket space is now very militating comparison to our old uniforms, we had the side pockets in our old uniform, cargo pockets pockets on backside, so now you’ve got side pockets, cargo pockets with buttons and velcro as well which provides you with enough room.

There’s also a feature with these pants, they have these ties at the bottom to tighten them up, which makes it a little tighter, I don’t need them, but I think it’ll be useful for those who have problem with their boots.

This is a very militant boot, with a very high top, higher than the ankle and as you can see it’s got a little wear and tear, you have to shine these which is a downfall to them, now I want to say that these boots are going to be authorized in type 1 until that’s ran out and these are going to be on the type 3 as well.

I personally don’t like the way they look, but there are some caveats to them, this one it’s a steel toe boot, it’s very durable, the downfall is you’re going to have to shine it as well. But if you are getting these, you need to make sure that you hold on to them because not every command is going to wear the other brown boots, you may have to wear these black boots unless your commanding officer authorizes the brown boots, now there’s nothing wrong with these except for aesthetically looking, I prefer the brown ones because I think it matches the shirt, but it’s personal preference

If you have questions on how to wear the uniform you can hit me up on Instagram, snapchat, if you want to look at regulations before drilling military, understanding how to wear a uniform, I’m going to put the link down below for the Navy personnel command.

If you always have questions about how to wear uniform, what’s authorizing uniform, you can go to Navy personnel command at this link, they have links on each uniform you can click through and see how everything is supposed to be worn and you can also check that out for any kind of updates to uniform regulations because these aren’t set in stone, some of them can change.

I love you, see you next time.

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