my navy portal

My Navy Portal Scheduled for Availability Com

The new one-stop web portal can be accessed to in 2015, which sailors can use to manage their records, the My Navy Portal is better for its user-friendly and intuitive interface feature.

A one-stop web portal where sailors can access their personnel data and training records will be available online in late 2015. Currently sailors must use multiple websites to manage their records. However, thanks to feedback from the fleet, my Navy portal was created to be more user-friendly and have an intuitive interface.

Initially, the portal will connect to Navy knowledge online and view purrs online databases where sailors access most of their personnel data. In the future, updated electronic service record and military personnel file will also be available before the portal is officially released.

It will undergo beta testing to work out any potential bugs. Sailors will be able to log into my Navy portal with only their cat card.

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