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U.S Marine Attempts Army Ranger PFT at My Navy Portal. Com

Description: This is a test about Marine attempts which is dedicated to the veterans, but also a practice for the Army Ranger PT test.

The first portion of the test is going to be 100 push-ups in 2 minutes so I’m going to have the timer right here, set it over and then we’re going to do 100 pushups, so I did a hundred push-ups in 10 minutes.

So next is crunches, I’m going to use this to hold down my legs, so let’s begin, it is a little bit different from what we do in the Marines. Next portion is going to be 20 chin-ups, so that’s what we’re going to do right here, I’m going to set you down over here, I’m straight-up honest with you, I didn’t do 100 crunches, those were a bit harder than they look.

Next, we got the five mile run, all we have left is five miles, we’re going to do it on treadmill and I’m able to calculate by the Apple but it’s not that accurate so I rather do extreme, I will raise up the incline, I got 40 minutes to complete five miles, I finished in about 39 minutes so I have one minute left.

I’m going to drink some water, I did 100 pushups 100 crunches 20 chin-ups and five miles in another 40 minutes. I hope you enjoy the video, it was really awesome and intense workout, so this video is dedicated to all the veterans, no matter which army you served in, we always show respect to you.

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