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U.S Marine Attempts Army Ranger PFT at My Navy Portal. Com

Description: This is a test about Marine attempts which is dedicated to the veterans, but also a practice for the Army Ranger PT test.

The first part of the test is going to be a hundred push-ups in two minutes. I plan to make 100 pushups with the help of the timber. I go all the way up, all the way down, striving to do my uttermost to keep very proper form. They are going to be completed in less than 10 minutes.

My legs are held down by some device. I was only able to get Nike hard when you do full range of motion, because for the Marines it’s a little different when it comes to crunches, but we didn’t do too well on the crunches.

Next, we will do 20 chin-ups. I didn’t do 100 crunches. Lock it out and you should come all the way up. It is slightly harder than it looks.

Then, we need finish the five-mile run on treadmill. I’m able to calculate how far I’m running on the Apple watch, but it’s not that accurate.

I will raise up the incline. I raise it up in the incline to about 201. We have 40 minutes to complete five miles. As it turned out, it took me 39 minutes. I had one minute left.

I had to do a workout before doing the actual Army Ranger PT test, because I had a PT one of my Marines. The essay is dedicated to the veterans. For the veteran community, it does take a lot to serve in the military, regardless of whichever branch, whichever service you provided.

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