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Description: Everyone joins in the Army for different reasons, so welcome to the U.S navy boot camp. This speech talks about rules and tips, which is given to those who join the camp.

I joined the Navy to see the world, get all the new experiences and serve my countries. I joined the Navy because I believe in service and giving back. When I get off the bus, you will see two sets of uniforms. The first set is black pants, khaki tops, and silver collar device, which is called uniform of petty officer. The second set of uniform is khaki pants, khaki top and gold collar devices, people in which you’ll call Chief.

As an American, we’re given a wide array of freedom than a lot of other people. I’m willing to fight for them. I’m looking forward to challenging myself, bettering myself and get a career. I’m looking forward to structure, learning new things and being part of the Navy team. My grandfathers were in the service. Following in their footsteps is very important to my family that I should do it and do it well. I am glad that it’s going to physically and mentally push me and I want to be able to say I accomplished it.

Don’t do anything till I say Move. You will take the engagement ring off and put it inside your pocket. You got one minute. Give your phone right back in here. You will stay in these double doors. It’s going to be interesting. In approximately three weeks, I’ll call you again. You will get a box with all my stuff in it. Stand up, grab everything you can’t win. When you first got here, when it says duty bag, you step on the machine, and use either circle St MCC you medium cushion to go medium stability.

You’re going to get two unopened packages of underwear, two pairs of underwear, one roll or yellow shirt. There are two shirts rolled off, one sweat top, one sweatpant, and short-haul shorter. Here it says shower shoes. Grab the side. They fit your feet. Over here there are gloves. Try the gloves on. Make sure they fit. If they don’t fit, put them back in the plastic Marge, or put them in your large knit bag. Stand behind the box right now.

What I’ve learned through the Navy and the experience is that for each different command that I’ve been to, I picked up something that I feel I can pass on to. So, as I leave the Navy I want to be something positive. I think the best thing I can do is sleep with positive energy or lose the purpose.

Now that you know you volunteered, I don’t want to hear no one, no crime or excuses. According to the government, P days are the processing days. When you get the recruits in, you can set the tone right and you train from the beginning up until the end as long as you set strong foundations.

But if you got to go hard from the beginner, get your feedbacks, and go give your covers, then everything is done. Early fashion maybe a cover for each push. You always want to learn something new because you have new recruits every time. Therefore, the experience is for each push is different and you’ll all resign something new.

It’s a melting pot that comes from the United States. Mixing them all together, you will learn something new every time you’re in that mindset that you’re going to help somebody. You’re excited about helping somebody in. You want to change somebody’s life and it’s going to be awesome.

In case anybody might hurt you deliberately, we are trying to help you. You need part of a team and this team is going to help you understand Training Command is to take civilians eight and a half or nine weeks to turn them into trained sailors.

We’re making sailors understand the rules of further education and learn more advanced things that they need for success in their ships or in their aviation. For division commanders, they do a phenomenal job of helping instill the concept of teamwork. Probably it is the first time they’ve been judged by the performance of their team. A lot of them don’t necessarily understand that concept.

We need to follow the rules in the Navy and the Navy has certain expectations for the rules that they follow. We will go to the far right on the next line. You’re going to put your first name, your male nickel and your last name underneath that your interaction recruits.

There’s no textbook to show you exactly how to do it. You just need to find a right tool to fit the situation. We try to send a great product out to the fleet to make everybody understand and learn about it. We might get this ship underway.

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