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A Guide of Kodi Openload Secret Settings at Olpair. Com

I’m back here again to bring you another tip with regards to open load. I take everything apart so that we see that what comes out there in YouTube apps, whatever settings are out there, whatever they do to encode. What I like to do is to go back to the code myself for us and then just sort revamp it for us to make it work better. And in these particular videos, I’m going to show you an open load to deal with the problems we all see whatever add-on you’re using mostly.

I’m going to take salts or Exodus and what you’re going to see is the whole pidgin thing, it doesn’t work with so many videos running. It’s just a huge hassle. So I studied the code, and I’m going to go on this particular settings here, there you can deal with the bills that may come across to you when you save the video, because you’re going to know how to keep this particular setting.

I’m going to show you in future updates and I will definitely update the videos when changes come. But I’ve completely removed all sorts of garbage with the open load to avoid future ado. So whatever you build, this would be a confluent one. I want you to go to your system. Whatever you’re using, go to system.

And then I want you to go to your add-ons, no matter what you’re using. Now we’re in this section. Normally, when they talk to us, they always tell us to install a zip file repository. I want you to go to yours in system, because what we’re trying to find what is pretty much universal among all of the bills out there.

Or the ones with regards like the skin, you just want to find these dependencies. So you see how we’re in the system dependencies, click on that now. We’re going to scroll down because whenever you add something there, use these resolver receipts like a live which you may use. But the main one is dragging us down. I’m going to show it to you here.

This is the main one, you see that, just make sure you can pull that up. We want to open it up, click on your fire stick remote, because we’re always doing this on the fire, go to configure for me. And then what I want you to do is to follow these settings that I’m going to show you because right now, in the blue corner right over there is URL, which is to follow these settings that I’m showing you.

You should look like this, make sure you get the blue check marks there on this particular UR and it will be resolved. We’ll see the universal resolver to see how it’s going and I want you just to follow the settings. It should be the set for you and default is ready. If somebody has changed depending upon what kind of Anna is that you’ve put in here, and how they have altered your URL.

I just want you to follow on, I’m just scrolling down my fire stick, so you can look in your video. And then particular one, let’s roll all the way back up Russ resolvers one. This one we’re going to leave it alone, there’s nothing for you to change, everything should be set like this, just double-check it to see if 100 kick marks are in there.

These are the scrapers as they call them, all of them have one check, mark all the minnows little check, mark all the wood check, mark all and say 100 video quality, one pie. Make sure yours is always the same and you can slow down this video closet or you can definitely see what I’m talking about resolving our two same deal.

You see how they have the names and they’re like huge files and all that depends. If you want to use huge files, but earlier net, I mean there’s a problem like entering a code again, we can disable it right here. Let’s keep going to what I want to show you.

I want to get you to where your open load problem is coming, keep scroll is to wear in. Open load and you see that. So there’s a check mark in their mind. What I want you to do is to get rid of this open little problem and we’re not going to check it. Don’t check it again, so it’s gone, get rid of those two and back up to the okay dark dot.

Roll it back up. Put that down resolver 3, because what we want to do is that I want you to make sure these are all check mark in blue, and make sure this one’s a max. So we want to get you that HD 720, 1080. I’ll check mark so far, so good. I’ll check mark so I’m scrolling through.

It’s quick because all these things on the resolver 3 should be the same as mine, check it again, resolver and go down, you go on the blue check mark, under the touch file. Let’s remove that, and scroll back up.

If you wake up, see the city VI Dzi and check mark that keep going. If you have a problem after this, because I played around with this place our 99.9 on the watch online, you want to check that. If you have a problem, I tested this one for multiple times so far, so good. It is good up to 99.9% with no kickback.

My check marks.I want you to hit. I want you to back arrow out of this, that’s how I roll out again, like you’re all out one more time. What we want to do is that when you have done with this, save these settings and exit out, get out of Kodi because you’re going to have to start.

We want to make sure that all your settings are saved, not like they’re not going to update this again at some points. Try and come back at us and then I will go back here and fix it again. So here we are back to the beginning. You should have a much better experience.

I’ve also showed people some tips in some other videos, we’ll take it out. I’m going to be sending up another one to show how we can remove it out of salt, and make that run like Netflix, that’s coming up very soon for your. So if you like the video. If you want to get future updates on the videos we sent, we have to do some changes, because I will get rid of these open-bolt engine problems on the videos.

If it comes up again as well as any other add-ons that they throw at us, I’ll rebuild them, take them apart, give us a new setting. So if you like, please subscribe, send it to your friends and give me two comments, please send my way.

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