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How to Bypass The Stream Authorization at Olpair. Com

Quick Kodi Tip: How To Acquire Stream Authorization

This is Dennis from 10 sec TV committee with another Cody video. Today, I want to keep this video short and sweet, I want to just go straight to the point. I know if you have written the title, you probably know what’s going to happen, but right now, we’re going to learn or I’m going to teach you how to bypass stream authorization.

If you don’t know, this is what I’m going to show you quickly right now. I’m in one channel and if you notice when you click on a link, sometimes this happens, it shows a little box saying open load or whichever kind of link it says to play this video. Authorization is required to visit the link below and then it gives you the link, and then you have to click on pair.

I’m going to show you how to do that. This is something simple. Before the time goes down, I’m going to cancel it. Let me explain to you about how it works, you need to be on the same network. On your TV, whatever Wi-Fi network is, you are on your phone or other devices. Are you going to do this with the needs to be on the same network?

If you want a Windows or a Mac computer, you can just simply go open another tab on your browser or open your browser and simply go through the process. But if you’re doing this on a fire TV or an Android TV, and you want to do this on your phone, because you can’t do this on your phone, all you need to do is to have it on the same network.

Let’s go back into the box. I’m selecting a link or source link. So you click on it, it’s just Mike. One channel is to set to auto play some. I want to click on a specific link when you see the box shows, it’s going to tell you what to go to. Mine says HTTP colon forward slash, forward slash open load that seal forward slash pair and all you got to do is to open up a browser on your phone.

Make sure it’s on the same link, or I mean on the same Wi-Fi, and type it in HTTP colon forward slash, forward slash open load got Co four slash pair when you click on goal or enter. It should open up a page like this, and you scroll down, click on I’m not a robot and click on pair and it starts working.

I didn’t press anything on the coding, it just immediately happens. It happened simultaneously and from this day on, it will just continue working because your IP address is linked to the pair. So every time you go on it, you should be fine. But if it does pop up again, you just do as the same way we did just now.

The video is about to play, I’m going to stop it and show you that it should work again. I’m going to go back to it. Let me click on the same source, let’s start from the beginning and we go back to the same link source. As you can see it, just start up without opening the box. It’s doing its work, we will leave it here.

As you can see, we just load up without opening the box that should happen to any add-on that shows this for instance. I’m doing this on a one channel add-on, I’ve seen this from Exodus, you could be on some movies. Whatever add-on is, when you click the source link, it pops up anything, you follow whatever it says, whether it’s cloud loads or whatever you have, mine is open loads, whatever source that you click on, it brings that box up.

All you got to do is to head over to your phone or device, make sure it’s on the same Wi-Fi network and then you put in what it tells you to press spear. Make sure you’re not a robot and then it will just open and it should work from then on, that’s all you have to do. Before I let you go, let me just play this quick promo video, then take TV app to its store.

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Remember every app that I do a review on will be free in this app for free, simply searching for it and you can find it. Be sure to subscribe to my app. Before I let you go, I just want to let you know every Wednesdays or Thursdays, I drop a new Kodi video.

If you come over to the channel, you’ll see if I drop something new that you have probably never heard of that. But at least you get to know more about it, maybe I will tell you something different. So just come over Wednesday or Thursday for a new Kodi video. Thank you.

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