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How to Install Covenant and Bennu for Kodi at Olpair. Com

I’m here to do a very short video, just showing you how to install Covenant as well as the Ben you add-on for Cody 17.4 now. This will work on 17.3 as well but today I am demonstrating on a 17 point for Krypton, since it did go finally. Now you can do this whether you have a builder or not, all you have to do is to go to your file manager at a source and you should be able to do it from there.

But since I have a fresh installation of Kodi, we will need to take an extra step. So first let me show you that I am on 17.4. I go to my settings, and I go to my system information bottom, you can see this was compiled on August 22nd and this is a stable of 17.4, back on out, so then I have a fresh installation of Kodi. I’m going to go to my system settings first and what I want to do is to make sure that unknown source is enabled.

So go down to add-ons, go over to unknown sources, click that on, and click yes. Now we’re just going to back out to the previous menu. From here, we’re going to go to our file manager and add a source and we’re going to use this URL. It’s going to be HTTP colon 4/4 /media repo media that net four slash Cody stuff, so now is a good time to pause the video.

If you need more time to go ahead and check the spelling, make sure you have it corrected and once everything’s verified, go and click OK and you can either give it a name or leave it as it is. What I like to do is to put a cat, a special character in front of it, like a dot or a star, so it’ll pop up at the top in the next step.

So once you give it a name, click OK. Now we’re going to back out to the main menu, now we’re on the main menu, we’re going to go down to add-ons, click on the Box icon in the top left and install from zip file. You can notice that Kodi stuff is up top, it is in an alphabetical order.

So like what I said, if you put a special character in front of it, it will populate to the top of your list. So click on kodi stuff, you called it something else, click on that and from here we’re going to the repo colossus. Go ahead and click there and there’s the pop-up colossus add-on install. So once you see that, click on install from repository, go down to Colossus repository.

We’re going to go down to our video add-ons, and you can see right here, we have Venu and further down, we have covenant. So let’s click on covenant, first click install, just give it a second and we’ll install some dependencies. Then the end, it should say covenant add-on installed and we have covenant.

Now we’re going to click on menu, click install just like covenant did. It’s going to install the dependencies, and give it a couple of seconds, and there’s a final confirmation on brand-new add-on in stalled. I did do full reviews on both of these add-ons so I’m going to get too much into it, but I’m going to show you what they are working.

So first, let’s go ahead and try out covenant, and let’s go in the movie section and we’ll just go to year picture of 2016. And let’s just pick something random, let’s pick Hacksaw Bridge and just give it some time and we’ll start looking for providers. I do like to mention in this step, this is totally customizable. If you don’t want to wait too long for it to search for the different providers, you can cut it down and I did show you how to do this in a couple of videos.

But essentially it’s a sacrifice, because it will find fewer links when you cut down the time. So it seems that it’s going on 30 seconds, so I will show you how to change that in a little bit execute setup. I’m just going click no.

We do have some HD links up top, just click the first one, it looks like it is loading. I’m just going to stop it, but it is loading. So I did tell you that you can change the amount of time and search for providers, and then cancel that. So I’ll show you that you can’t change the amount of time, you wait for a provider, let me show you how to do that.

So you want to go back to the main menu. Once you get to the main menu, you are going to go down to tools, go to general and see where it says providers timeout, it’s set to 30 seconds, so that’s how long it will look before it stops searching for providers. So you can set it to 10 seconds, if you don’t want to wait too long, but you will sacrifice, getting as many links as you can, which may include HD links, but you can set it all the way to 60 seconds.

It’s totally up to you, usually I like to set it to 10 seconds, just to get it over, but you will sacrifice on the HD links that it will find. So that was covenant. I did full reviews on both of these add-ons, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it, next venue is also known as the Phoenix reborn, and we’ll go to movies as well.

We’ll go to the most popular movie this month, it’s got a Baywatch. I heard it was horrible, so are the providers, you can edit it and we can see it’s probably set to 30 seconds as well. And it will take some time, but it finally does load, so I’m going to back out to the main menu.

This is just a short video, I’m helping you with a lot of questions about covenant and not installing from Ares and also the other links that are provided to install covenant. So I figured I’ll give you a video update, so if you have any questions about this, please let me know, please remember share and subscribe, and don’t forget to hit that notification bell. When you subscribe in that way, you’ll be notified when a new video is announced. Thank you.

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