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How to Stop Annoying Pop Ups or Captchas on Kodi at Olpair. Com

Few people have asked me what does this pop-up Medan mean, I’m going to show you exactly what happens if you noticed. There is CFE, let’s watch v and it says end up, if I press into no, it comes up with this, fitting up dot me stream authorization to play this video authorization is required.

Do you want to click that link? Probably not and I don’t believe it, I wouldn’t do it either. So how do we get rid of these things? Because what the times you’ll play scans will not come up again, it will come up again. But no matter how many times you press, don’t come up again, it will come up again. So I’m going to show you how to get rid of this and this is cancelled out.

Let’s work some exes, it works on Alessi, pretty much like any ID, it’s got settings on it. I’m just going to back up from here. I said this is Flex Net, they back up to the home screen, if you want to go into your highlight tools, press enter. Now you’re going to go to settings in general place and what we want to get down, hear and go to playback highlight, please playback go to the right.

And then we want to highlight hostess with captures, the moment that is on. All you do is to place inter. You go to the right now and click on key. If you don’t click, it will not turn itself off, so press OK and it will take it away. So if I go back into TV Shores, back into the episode that was on before. And when it says providers, there will not be valid video, take a few more seconds for us to load up.

If you like this channel, please subscribe to it and we would appreciate your support. I feel aggressively, but thank you very much for subscribing to this and don’t forget to place a little bail icon on like one page. And as you go down here, there’s no valid now. so please press it, just knowing that it says the stream works.

We let it load up in a minute, so that’s how you do it in flicks. Now I’ll show you how to do it in militiaman as well. Forget Elysium down to tools, highlight tools and play center, we’re going to see whether it will be on settings playback. And maybe if you just get down to hostess with captures, it’s from ton Don highlight it, press it in to go off.

Make sure you go to the right highlight, your key and press enter and then that will not happen. You will never see it, you don’t figure out that. It’s all I want to do, really quick one. Thanks for reading and if you haven’t already subscribed, please do so and leave a like and share to your heart’s content. And I’ll see you in the next one.

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