A Guide of Openload.co and Olpair.com at Olpair. Com

OpenLoad.co is a very popular and useful sharing service provider.Use it to help you share files of any type (example: video. MP3. picture. DOC. PDF. XLS etc.).At the same time, you can get revenue from the amount of downloads you shared.
Also you can use the “Pair service” to pair your device to use your application(example : TV player etc).

Now follow my guide to start using openload.co and olpair.com

First click the link to open the homepage of openload.co

Here is a screenshot of the home page

Before your sign up .you can use the free service of upload files. just click the button of upload your files or drag drop file to the browse.

And then Click the “Sign up today” button.

You’ll get the page of  Create an account.

2.Create an account:

Enter your email address and password.
Captcha the checkbox to To prove “i’m not a robot”.
I agree on Openload terms.
click the “Sign up”button.

Above you have completed the registration.Let’s login to the userpanel for the first time >>>

The userpanel displays the details of your account:

Total Files
Total Storage
Most Download File
Download last 24 hours

File Manager :

Remote Upload:

Multi Upload:

User Setting:

User information
API/FTP Access
Embed width & height setting
Player Logo

Affiliate Program:

Setting the Adlevel for direct links

Pay per Download Program Details:

Conversion Settings:


You can check your income here.

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