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How To Fix – Stream Authorization Message in Kodi 17

Here are downloading power here. In this video, I will show you how to fix that stream optimization message that keeps coming up when you try to play streams now. If you want to know how to fix it, go to this point of the video. But for those who need examples of what I’m talking about, I’m going to show you briefly what I’m talking about.

For example, there’s a new episode power that just came out this weekend. So I’m going to go ahead and open up the list of streams there. So let’s try three streams on this list. After we try it the first one, there’s a message.

Now, let’s try the second one. We just ensure that this episode does work. Let’s try a stream I know that works to take the sweet time. But it’ll work. It’s closed, and then you see if I go to stream here. Try to play with that one and give me that same meshes. Now, this is coming from the stream host which is the one on the right side.

So what do we have to do? We have to get rid of that host, and I will show you exactly how to do that. Now we go back to the first page. When you open the add-on, I’ll show you. So say when you first open Exodus or listing on, it also works for listening. You’ll go to tools from tools; you’ll go to settings playback.

When you get to say this playback, you’ll just have to dis-select the hosters of captures. And when you do this, just press OK and please make sure you don’t press the back button on your remote. Because if you do press the back button on your remote, it won’t save it. I’ll give you an example, so we will select it and press the back button, go back to it, and it’s still the same.

So please make sure you press the OK button to save it so let’s go back to that, showing an episode and see if we can notice the difference. You’ll notice that the host stream holes that we saw before. I am no longer there, so you can play streams all day and you won’t see that message, you may still have problems with having no strength available and stuff like that.

But with this particular problem, just to take care of there and now I’ll go ahead and test out a couple more streams to show you that it did work. It’s taking a suite in China; it’s trying to build up some space, that’s what he’s trying to do. As what I said before, this also applies to other add-ons, such as a listing them same steps, go to tools, settings playback and selected.

It’s all I have for you. If you have any questions or anything to add, you can always write to me, and I try to respond to you as soon as possible. That’s all I got. I think you’re downloading pirate and this video has been sponsored by power. I was glad the power would leave me a beauty.

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